8 multiple pulmonary nodules

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  1. 1. 8Multiple Pulmonary Nodules
  2. 2. Fig C 8-1 Septic pulmonary emboli. Several round lesions, many with cavitation, are seen throughout the lungs in this intravenous drug abuser with staphylococcal tricuspid endocarditis.
  3. 3. Fig C 8-2 Secondary tuberculosis. Bilateral cavitary lesions (arrows) with relatively thick walls.
  4. 4. Fig C 8-3 Blastomycosis. Bilateral diffuse intermediate-sized nodules along with patchy consolidation at the lung bases.24
  5. 5. Fig C 8-4 Chickenpox pneumonia. Multiple ill- defined and occasionally confluent nodules throughout the lungs in a young child with severe combined immunodeficiency disease.26
  6. 6. Fig C 8-5 CMV pneumonia. Multiple small, ill- defined nodules throughout the lungs that developed in a patient who had undergone a renal transplant 3 months earlier and was receiving immunosuppression therapy.26
  7. 7. Fig C 8-6 Paragonimus westermani. Arrows point to a few of the multiple cysts in the right middle lobe. The cysts are thin walled, and most have a prominent crescent-shaped opacity along one side of their borders, the characteristic ring shadow of paragonimiasis.
  8. 8. Fig C 8-7 Hematogenous metastases. Multiple well-circumscribed nodules scattered diffusely throughout both lungs.
  9. 9. Fig C 8-8 Cannonball metastases in a patient with choriocarcinoma.
  10. 10. Fig C 8-9 Alveolar cell carcinoma. Multiple poorly defined nodules scattered throughout both lungs.
  11. 11. Fig C 8-10 Caplan's syndrome. Multiple well- circumscribed, rounded nodules of varying size in a patient with subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules.
  12. 12. Fig C 8-11 Hamartomas. Characteristic calcification of the cartilaginous matrix (arrow).16
  13. 13. Fig C 8-12 Sarcoidosis. Patchy, ill-defined areas of air-space consolidation scattered throughout both lungs.
  14. 14. Fig C 8-13 Progressive massive fibrosis in silicosis. Non-segmental areas of homogeneous density in both upper lobes.
  15. 15. Fig C 8-14 Progressive massive fibrosis in silicosis. Large, irregular nodules in both perihilar regions.