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A hero research presentation by Morgan.

Text of Abraham Lincoln


2. MY PROJECT IS ABOUTABRAHAM LINCOLN 3. INTRODUCTION A hero is a person that changed the world. Heroes can be brave and have courage. A hero is more than just a average person. A hero is someone you remember from what they did. A hero is someone who severed 4. HISTORY 1809-1865 He was born in February 12 He lived in livedinKentucky,Indiana,andLarue County,Ky. He was the 16th president He stopped slavery 5. HISTORY Abraham Lincoln never tolda lie. He was very honest.People called him honestAbe. 6. EARLY LIFE he grew up on newly brokepioneer farms of thefrontier.His mom, Nancy Hanks, died in 1818. Soon after hismother died his dad, Thomas Lincoln, soon got married toSarah Bush Johnston. Abraham had almost no formalschoolingthe scattered weeks of school attendance inKentucky.he taught himself, reading and rereading a small stock of books.Hewas chosen captain of a volunteer company gathered for theBlack Hawk War (1832), but the company did not see battle. 7. ABRAHAM LINCOLN WHENHE WAS YOUNG 8. ABRAHAMS SPEECH Accepting the nomination(in a speech delivered atSpringfield on June 16),Lincoln gave a ringingdeclaration in support ofthe Union: "A housedivided against itself cannotstand." 9. WHAT MAKES ABRAHAM LINCOLN A HERO Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery. He changed the world forAfrican Americans. Abraham was also the 16th president. Hewas also very honest. 10. ABRAHAMS TIME LINEJanuary 20, 1828 Lincolns older sisterSarah dies followingchildbirth in southernIndiana. January 21, 1862 PresidentLincoln nominates Noah H.Swayne of Ohio to theU.S.Supreme Court. January 25, 1863PresidentLincoln puts Major GeneralJoseph Hooker in command 11. THANK YOU


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