AIC - 1978 Football World Cup

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  • 1. Community Action We decided to present all the information we learnt in class and showed it to students of different course of studies, in order to learn how much they know about this topic

2. Poster with images representing what had happened between 1976-1983 3. We presented a video which explained what happened during the dictatorship 4. We also played a song that clearly represents the censorship and the massive kidnappings 5. One of the girls who was from Gualeguaych told us that in her city there were many cases in which politicians relatives were kidnapped. We discovered that these students didnt know in detail what really happend in that terrible period. Most of them ignored that near the River Plate stadium, where most of the World Cup matches were played, thousand of people were tortured and murdered. 6. To conclude, this experience helped us to become more aware of what really happened during the military government. Now, we have the tools to share all our knowledge about the topic.


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