Anti-Slavery Almanac of 1847

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Anti-Slavery Almanac of 1847


<ul><li> 1. res.. 557^.? </li> <li> 2. FOR 184T.BEING THE THIRD YEAR AFTER BISSEXTILE, OR LEAP YEAR. COMPRISING The motions of the Sim and Moon, the true places tind aspects of the PLANETS, rising and setting of the SUN, and the rising, setting, and southing of the MOON.Also, th Lunations, Conjunctions, Eclipses, Judgment of the Weather, Rising and Setting of the Planets, LeDgth of Days and Nights, Time of High Water, Sec. be. My heart is sad as I contemplate thee, Thou fettered victim of despotic sway ; Driven, like a senseless brute, from day to day, Though equal born, and as thy tyrants free. With hands together clasped imploringly, And face upturned to Heaven (Heaven shall repay) For liberty and justice thou dost pray, In piteous accents and on bended knee, Thy exclamation, " Am I not a man ?" A brother ? " thrills my soul," I answer Yes ! Though placed beneath an ignominious ban, That thou art both, all shall at last confess To rescue thee, incessantly I'll plan, And toil and plead thy injuries to redress. W. L. Garrison. Nm $ork PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICAN ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY, 142 NASSAU ST. BOSTON, 25 CORNHILL; PHILADELPHIA, 31 NORTH FIFTH ST. ; AND AT THE OFFICE OF THE BUGLE, SALEM, COLUMBIANA CO., OHIO. &amp; &amp;^gs^^^$^&amp;^^^&amp;^^^^^^^^^g^^^^@^^s^t </li> <li> 3. ! i (*t7) CUSTOMARY NOTES. It Ventis (S )will be Evening Star until October 3d, then Morning Star until July 22d, 1848. 2-^Chg Mnnn will run highest, this year, about the 27th degree of (n) Gemini, and lowest, aboutthe 2?th degree of ( t ) Sagitarius. 3. Latitude of Herschel (I3I) about 39' 30" south this year. 4. Longitude of the Moon's Ascending Node (Q) in the middle of this year, signs, 14 degrees. 5. Mean obliquity of the Ecliptic, in the middle of this year, 23 27' 33.1"* True obliquity, same time, 23 27y 23. G". EQUINOXES AND SOLSTICES. BOSTON. WASHINGTON. CHARLESTON. NEW ORLEAM. Vernal Eqinox, March Summer Solstice, June Autumnal Eq., Sept. Winter Solstice, Dec. D. H. M. 31 49 M. 21 9 35 E. 23 11 38 E. 22 5 21 M. D. H. M. 21 25 M. 21 9 l E. 23 11 14 M. 22 4 57 M D. H. M. 21 13 M. 21 8 59 E. 23 11 2 M. 22 4 45 M. D. H. M. 20 11 33 E. 21 8 19 E. 23 10 22 M. 22 4 5 M. CHRONOLOGICAL CYCLES. Dominical Letter, C Golden Numbers, or Lunar Cycle, 5 Epact (Moon's age Jan. ]st), 14 Solar Cycle, 8 Roman Indiction, 5 Julian Period G5G0 MOVEABLE FEASTS. Easter Sunday, Rogation Sunday, Ascension Day, Whitsunday (Pentecost), Trinity Sunday,. April 4 May 9 May 13 May 23 May 39 Advent Sunday, November 28 ECLIPSES IN THE YEAR 1847. There will be two Eclipses of the Sun, and two of the Moon this year. I. There will be an Eclipse of the Moon at the time of her fall on Wednesday, March 31st, in the afternoon, invisible in America. Visible in the eastern hemisphere. Magnitude, 3 43 digits on the Moon's northern limb. II. There will be an Eclipse of the Sun on Thursday April 15th at the time of New Moon in the Morning, invisible in America. It? chief visibility will be in the Indian Ocean, adjacent regions of the Southern Ocean, extending to 80 of south latitude. Tt will be visi- ble, wholly or in part, at the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, Australia, New Guinea, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and the lesser neighboring Islands. It will be central and total on the me- ridian in long. 89 58' east from Greenwich, and lat. 24 30' south. This point is nearly opposite to the centre of the Gulf of Mexico. III. There will be an Eclipse of the Moon on Friday, September 24th, at the time of Full Moon in the morning, invisible east of the Rocky Mountains in America. The beginning may be seen at California and in the Oregon Territory ; and at Atasha, as likewise in Asia, the whole Eclipse will be visible. Magnitude, 5.04 digits ou the Moon's southern limb. Duration, 2 hours, 13 minutes. IV. There will be an Eclipse of the Sun on Saturday, the 9th of October, at the time of New Moon In the morning, invisiblein America excepting the north eastern coast of Green- land, where the end may be seen shortly after the rising of the Sun. It will be visible in Europe, the greater part of Asia, and the northern part of Africa. It will be central and annular on the meridian in lat 31 22' north, and long. 47 IV east from Greenwich. This Eclipse will be annular in the south parts of Great Britain ami Ireland, and in the north of France. The centre will pass very little south of Cape Clear, in Ireland, about 15 miles south of Exeter in England and about tbe like distance north of Havre in France; while the annular phase of the Eclipse will extend more tban 100 miles fin each side.of the paths of the centre. Thus it will be annular at Limerick, Wexford, Waterford. Cork, and Kinsale in Ireland ; at Eardigan and Swansea in South Wales ; at Bristol, Greenwich, Dover, Portsmouth, Plymouth, and other towns in the south of England; and at Calais, Boulogne, Havre, Honrleur, Caen and Cherbourg on the neighboring coast of France. Magni- tude at Edinburgh, 9.95 digits on the Sun's southern limb ; at Brest, 10.87 digits on the nor- thern limb. RATES OF POSTAGE. Letters not exceeding half an ounce, under 300 miles, 5 cents; over 300 miles 10 cents ; and the same added for each additional half ounce, or any part thereof. Drop letters for delivery at the same office 2 cents. Letters advertised 2 cents extra, or4,lf advertising costs so much. Skip-Letters, delivered where received, G cents. Conveyed by mail. 2 cents udded to usual postage. Circulars printed or lithographed on letter or foolscap, unsealed, any distance 2 cents. Cir- culars larger than single cap, same as pamphlets. Newspapers, published monthly or oftener, containing intelligence of passing events, and not exceeding 1,900 square inches, whether in one or two pieces of paper, under 30 miles if sent by tbe publishers, free ; over 30 and not exceeding 100, or within tiie State, 1 cent , over 100 andout of tbe State, one and a half cents If over 1,900 square inches, same as pamphlets. Pamphlets, whether periodical or not, any distance, one ounce or less, each copy two and a half cents ; each additional ounce one cent. Fractional excess less than half an ounce not counted. Newspapers and pamphlets must be folded with the end open. </li> <li> 4. 'ggg! ococ^5ifci*.wtOMO(j;-ici ttj^wtoi ) gg pg.y v-k--^-h- J- t l tO *S ^ tO to to to tO to to *0 to *$ tO tO to tO JO I ^j^flso3 0oo3(oceisoSooci--H .- &gt;- totcto to to to to to to j "n c tOi*&gt;.fcii-*tOi*.ti-- tO{ktn to to &gt;fr. tn W W * Cn MiswWACitJi I -v ,., B f3PtU1, qnHoco:-3-3)*:&gt;KUilSS--333|&gt;|&gt;SS^?:} ?3 tU, 1| ^ o?= to s* PS|! ft 3? O.JC- - s a ; s . O" 56 3 (5 * 3 .. 3. ^ 2 ss ft3 (J3* * ?0 E. :3=r 2s:ftn tt -j3* *a -is b_o= EH o 5 oo s&gt; tn ^ *s h- o ^ -l c; p&gt; ^ tc O 3d -J c ^ iJ ts s s at <i>-o2cex'.ici5?n*.wK&gt;-o2MoeoQo&gt;Jci5on C ft O a-. it )3&gt;tk &gt;- w- &gt;-i - c-. sr. to r - . as S c. to to tc = to SS 5) *. * X ?02 S 9 *&gt; MMUiuipwJkln iOi^Ttn IS i-" ti d *- to ti 0 " to ti fill 3? (-00 S III -i -j -i -i -i -i -j -j -j -a -i -j -j --i -j - -i -j -j -i -j -j -? -j -j -j -j -j -ji a jo Tl 't it ~ if *~i ~ H t ir *9 I s fi Vs .3 F&gt; J- 5 I s IS *2 s *- to to to to to to to 5 Jtoca^iaa sa- to to to to ^- J*- ti ci ti r^~ . -i ~! -j i -i -i -i -i -.i I f 3 i,T W in Wt WHLiWViUWitifciifc*.Ail*.&gt;tkifcifc*.ifcib* *. *."rf *. *- ifc. ] a r/j tj. Mmu-i Oltltlt.ltl^fclO'ilA A.J.*.^^,Ufc*. * 5 pD 5oiW^*.WWHo2oOOO-l31?ti*.Ut5Mo2MOccoa3-!OJCt ft&gt;*.4n v-^- ^Ui^.Ut^^^A^^^.^^tn^ijM^O, k-M(( g; mm^^KSMSJ.3 y-vRiU-O' P :Q SO '-3 ' J S 3 tC ^ 'J U ~&gt; Q &gt;3 V! oaKatmikBH-wclMeoooD-jatB^wiswo^H^sc'Ja O00C_-J C: = tC C,i Ci !3 =3 UCtiOUUCCC -J J-1-1IMNS^I-1N -I -1 VJ ^&gt; ^J ^J ^J ^J ^J ~J ^! ^} ~l ^J ^, ^} ^, ^) i = y_ v - &gt; &gt;- 1 &gt; - i to c &gt;a o c o K3 re s k&gt; *o j^ &gt;o s fc to to c *o o to I ^' E to to j&gt;- cr c. ^ - 1 t. ^ c e o &gt;- ^ ti i : i; y w - it. ^ j. x. v -i t.i 51 Ci tr&gt; j- ' " - 28; -^S^? S-8 - c,-i J. to 1 5 &lt; * *" *- *. Ji- &gt;. - - Cri VoO'j&gt;nci-ai.3 os -1 C-. j. to m -&gt; -r -j x tr = w &amp; cr v -7; S o ISM 9 oc^j r&gt; ci &gt;^ {. oc to &gt; 5 O. Ji. to 10 c- to 00 3 b&gt;,ci uS '.; cs -o: 3J?=^ 22S2=1 ' * ~. s a saws1 ;! sr| t-t to k &gt;: ic to to tC to to to to s 5"E . *. *. *. j- *. ^ j. *. ^ rf&gt; * I a ajCD h- &gt; (-.-&gt; i_i &gt;-i ct t; t-i i;. tn ti tn ti Cn V **-** Oi. x ~j r-. * oo to s x - 3&gt;. wi Jk cj to ^ t -' ~. f *. 10 10 = --0 or - &gt; ~ 2 O ti *. *. to to &gt; O 2 -3 X - 1 Si ft St *. to to f O 2 ^ S O C X -1 31 5 5 OCXWtOoSxtOS ^ ^ -* 3? * * t^3-3irT3)?3 SSsOKsScSS 2 s - Qox-isi^.totO' o&gt;r t'jJ3)-ie5i*i:MH^VHOosia OS ic J! i- o X . x X c -r a -# * o? 3 * r-. kj C bs rr o* r-&lt; Si '2SS ertl5' !, ' v,1,rt ^ t" cc *2S! iOrtWMf tfO - B-s s i^om*. to io w uo to o o m 10 m to 1.0 10 ft &gt;o .*; irtifltSLinw vjn tcaocccffieisica? CO CO CO CO CO 45 CO CO CO C8 CO SJSK coco S3 S Pi 3**e = * ep co - i~ j5 e 01 t* x x es x ss cp a rr S cs go 35 o to 0? cs a s.g of o 51 rr w l- o? ft &gt;- 5 ft rr rr 1-: t--: rr ^r n tn C ;-. 51 o o ^ 5? o 3 S 83 55 ~ e5 r&lt; ?^ S " Gf 0? 0&gt; 0' (51 G"&gt;. 5 SI rt r-: rs n rt K n rs ^r rr -r f rr rr ^ rr rr l-5 ffiai 2 I i rimig w o &gt;-t o tr; w o r. tii ir. ca*n &gt;n m &gt;-^ fi us flKsnnoiois ir&gt; 5 a Els L^ o ft o 10. rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr n n t- t~- 1- 1~ t~ t^ t~ t~ r- 1~ to to to to to to to to a" I CO CO CO CO CO CO x 2J to i- rr o a eg go MMrff 01 COt-CKOiMSr-JiRfJtiScOr-XO 5 S S5 s 1-; i - - : - :. -. -) . . in r- tb = gt rr 1-1 g&gt; x ir. co 21^ .-s rr rr C r: r: f: oTI oi -a k 5t rr i 5 enrton CO t-'CO C3 O &gt;-* r| C r-, SI r' e5 |&gt; 00 C55-0 i'S - TOT S&gt;3 rl ^Jl^ iii OO'-Or- . riff? ^4| x -m rr -^ i- x 5: c 51 r". r&gt; li s *- o. o. ~ -; r: -y rt t- Xi S&lt; o? o&lt; s* cm 0? o? C! 5&lt; ci tn ct r-: n n n rr rr rr rr rr rr -r rr rr i~. u~ c i.'i &gt;.-t lt; '.t it i.r; &gt;~ lo &gt;;-. r. to &gt;n r~. ~ tn ir. i.-i m o 10 tn uo o lq O. SiCCb-io i.".'* r: &gt;-&gt; _"r: x i; ii r. ni - 3 s OC-.scsiWii.iin t G&lt; -h x CI 10 Oi o rt t&gt; X ir: -; &lt; ri Si rr r-nr: GJ l~ Ol ^rttHJJrti-ifJH r?NT-iL'S ur5n C* 3* oooi-'H,^CHi;iK'*!5ircoaoo-i^wsitsinrinatroo Ot-S)C!0^rlOH;!vu5C,$t'Xa: H rH r: :: cji C&gt; ^ /!;irt*'4 C t- ^x =r? ^: 3? o &lt; g? oi rr r- o '"". ^ Oi p. 21 ^ rr 1^ (_- x &gt;c u? in to t o tn l~ 1 - 10 1- t-; l-; to m tr. i- &gt;-; ii '-: &gt;; i--i ; ^ t- - ; -: ir: o o flrcsacM.iTf n - gx g .jj'-j m - = 5 ij -r - = x s -^^ J" a e -rf -i X CS-- -i XO 1^ J ^ -5? J3 '.' i^oi ii^ .-; -hi: gi -r to rr so s. o* o: 0?Sl^rrrJiCCC-CCOJ--;--^Oi--i--&gt;Crir}i--rcOl--GCOiO -rTa sxr-cocr:r^i^07 .r.Nso et-cr. -irj;o s-^Or-.wn-jusaONcoc.HiSo-KMiiM^nw a c b ; ;T ^-r~^ '(~"x~ ^&gt; rt i'. '-C i~ to. O -- M -r &gt;.1 to X ~- c 71 tn. rr O CO ir in ^r r-^^ -&lt; o? n dJ Oi Gt g g 01 rt n n a n n en m rr rr rr rr rr rr A it o &gt;t to ifl rt to i." ic ir; ut tc ut &gt;rs &gt;/&gt; i.^ &gt;o *&gt; l-7 tr: i .~ tr. 15 ttj/jj^icj ^ ft ci ( ~c^ -r-r-r: A* c-jS3;iaD-*atw .i gc 3gj^g, ggggf Q ggg3gfggg3gf Q g~ WWiSWiiHHCO^CMHHiSiOWWW^^^MCTfflfflO)^^ -&gt; EL S a 1 g3.p'Jp g 8 SSg no g% P : ; s-y ' SI tn s U2 s in C M -4 I- P 00000S (-1 ffi lj -j -o y1 BS'SE. SPSS tn tn in 01 in tn cnwcJ05C5CSClCJOSC5030SO01*JC'0&gt;WOOse0&gt;WOS| 33 js) 7. 4k 4k in in in in in ClOOQClfflffi OtO Q0-1O5 CSC. C. in 4k to ' iHviww, I 4k 4*- to w to ) " in in i-j co hoShC!OK^6H*.MWI5hOhmOOOOj5c: ? 4ktntnCn4kt0t0cZ'h-ioin. ftSiS: (JWWWWB ,. 3 wCO!000W*&gt;WK;KlMOCgiMCC0'.WiliMWtS"Hj! 'iCH Wtntnt/intnintnininintn4k3 2.E Kwoa-.) 4- to to ~ o cc oc -i -0 tn * to &gt;; x -i ~ v to it = -1 " j - toS.4kiJOO O-J Oc3 i; QOO*ti3&amp;. C. GCiC i W&gt; Ci_-l it ~ in -I J. = ri -^- Pil "^- "n ^ &gt;- to p 3 homooomwww^mwii^oi-m: &gt;t- in W in in tn in tfOtO iJi-i-tQDOI-iiCtnOiOO 05C.C5C5C.OSJ5 t *. to 4k in oj -,C 1 r C5C5C5C5C. C50C5C5C5|S ?3fB to to jo to to to to w w to 3 S' .4.tJtOtOl- i_tito_y.t^M 4&gt; 2 i"' : C X_- &gt;ooo- 1 C5 c,'i in in in tn in in in in ! 5n in in in in m in C: "C /. -! cj in 4k ; _ ct = 00moiWWWWOrtMHO( tOt,1&gt;-'t0^ini0t04k-i ini-iiOi I-IC5 toto tn W 10 k- OatacESS !5 M g g g Kg . g D . H ?=^J 4kOrfkC 3 -.OiOiOl-' BMMM tn in in tn in in C5 C C5 C5 C5 C C. C. Ci C. C C5 C. Cj C. C. C5 C5 c. C5 CS c: ~ C. C. tn in in in in in &gt;- * 1-&gt; w- w- u. i_i t- o to to 0 to to 0 to to J3W*.k1 53oMI5MyC.-lCC'--J*. i. ~I -x-ccilu- Li -! s -^ = 3 = C5 OS Ci C5 Cj C. C. C5 C. C. C C. C. C C. C. C. OS C. C. C. C C. C C in ii ii in in in S5oaSSwGJo^t!ccxo:-!Oft^*wwic-cccx"^S a oico C!n*wwt8tSMo|</i></li><li> 7. i l~ . in X fr- S ~ - ,-, rag-* ra *x *~ t~ x oo oTc n m m m to m in &gt;n m m m m in 10 en c* m en &gt;-i "* -oo^S? en "c '-" en w i-r G&gt; Si i-l t. Tf r- c-t t- oo o &gt;- C&gt; 50 * m to t 5* Cn M "* T}eoc K5W0 1IJW &amp;5lCTCOenCnenen to - '~ CO to CO -o to to to en en en en e&lt; Si c&lt; er* c* CnCOeOeoencneoen to to _ to to to_to_ m iiinrtK! in m m a IS 6lN r X-#i-(X s as- ad ao mi ' c&gt; T ci erm to en</li></ul>


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