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A professional development session I delivered on Melbourne Cup Day 2013. The presentation was re-run at a Hawthorn Professional Learning Community meeting and that is where the live poll data was collected. The list of apps is being curated at


  • 1. Apps in language learning Vernon Fowler

2. What is an app?Video 3. Outline Poll to warm-up Apps in language learning Take-aways & curation 4. Apps in language learning Observations Recommendations Recent research Take-aways Curation 5. Apps in language learningObservationsImage 6. Apps in language learningRecommendations (so far) You first Then meImage 7. Apps in language learningSome recommendations 8. Apps in language learningRecent research Methodology ResultsImage 9. Apps in language learningMethodology List apps that help with study Surveyed: 10 Academic classes 1 General English & 1 Business 10. Apps in language learningResults Runner-ups 10 most popularImage 11. Apps in language learning Runner-ups 12. Apps in language learning 10 most mentioned apps that help with study BBC NewsTEDSounds (Macmillan) Google Translate Merriam Webster Longman Dictionary Word ABC radioWord WebPhrasal Verbs 13. Apps in language learningTake-awaysImage 14. Apps in language learningCurationImage 15. Educational Apps Curation 16. Thank you Apps in language learning 17. Bonus material Web shortcuts