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Argentine TangoBy Jennifer Perkins

HistoryPossible meanings of tangoMay have African roots closed placeOr could be derived from tanguere to touchSimply based on sound of drums tan-go

HistoryBuenos Aires was a combination of:African, Spanish, Italian, British, Polish, Russian, and NativesOf COURSE the music and dance would blend too!Music became a mixture of:MilongaHabanera

HistoryThe tango was first considered to be a dance of the lower class.Tango lyrics expressed the alienation of urban life-Nouzeilles & Montaldo p. 196It could be found in: academias dance academiesPerigundines bars/cfes where waitresses could be hired




Listen to El Choclo here. Lyrics included!


No sound but older footage of the danceSound & Dance Enjoy!

PregutaWatch this short clip - A Brief History of the Tango

Why do you think the history of this music (the poor, the brothels, etc.) did not prevent it from catching on with the upper society and flourishing?

REferencesNouzeilles, Gabriela, and Graciela R. Montaldo. The Argentina Reader: History, Culture, and Society. Durham: Duke UP, 2002. Print.

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