ATP 2014: Digitization of Credentialing and Open Badges

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Credentials in education and the workplace are going digital -- from transcripts to certifications. And the technology is enabling new types of credentials. At the Association of Test Publishers' March 2014 Innovations in Testing conference, the Mozilla Foundation's Sunny Lee, Parchment's Matthew Pittinsky and Professional Examination Service's Robert Block, along with Intrinsic Strategy's Frank Catalano, examined the promise and obstacles to digitizing credentials. These openings slides from the session, "The Impact of Digitization in the Education and Certification/Licensure Credentialing Markets," are useful primarily for the resource list and links on the final slide. Download the panel discussion full session audio in MP3 format at


  • 1. Innovations In Testing.orgThe Impact of Digitization in the Education and Certification/ Licensure Credentialing Markets

2. Sunny Lee, Open Badges Product LeadMatthew Pittinsky, CEOBob Block, President & CEOModerator/interviewer: Frank Catalano 2Innovations In Testing.orgPanelists 3. Innovations In Testing.orgThe Process Earn & IssueStore & ManageVerifyShare 3 4. In five years, how will digitization have changed how we think about, and work with,credentials in education and the workplace?4Innovations In Testing.orgOpening Question 5. Sunny Lee, Open Badges Product Lead @soleteleeMatthew Pittinsky, CEO @ParchmentBob Block, President & CEO @ProExamFrank Catalano @FrankCatalano 5Innovations In Testing.orgPanelists 6. Expanding Education and Workforce Opportunities through Digital Badges report Moving from Paper Credentials to Digital ePoster Digital Badges Emerge as Part of Credentialings Future paper eTranscript Exchange Evaluation Guide tool Parchment blog Mozilla Open Badges site 6Innovations In Testing.orgResources