Back to school tips for the high school freshman!

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  1. 1. Back to School: Tips for the high school freshman! Entering high school may feel like a dream, yet needs tips to set oneself right at the start. Keep calm and cool following these tips: Choose courses that are challenging Be different from the routine. Choose courses that call for your originality and interest. Do not choose what others do but what matters to you as interesting. It counts a lot in your further years of high school study. Get involved in all activities This is the time to know what is happening around you. Visit academic clubs, arts club, and student government and participate in sports. You might be interested in learning 3D shapes. Enjoy every speck of new environment with fervor and get involved in all the activities around you. Get acquainted with your teachers and peers Get to know who your teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators are. It will help you solve your problems with ease and familiarity Make friends with peers Know your batch mates and familiarize yourself with the details about them. It helps you shed off your shyness, discomfort and intimidation in a new set up Be kind and gentle to all First impression is the best impression. Show courtesy in your conduct to impress others and be kind in your approach and attitude Do not postpone things No procrastination. Whatever help you want, ask for immediately and get started with your work. Your friends, peers, teachers are there to help you and get you out of troubled waters, whenever you feel some pressure upon you Keep an organized schedule Stay tuned to the new courseware with organized and updated schedule. 10th grade math problems may demand challenging work from you. Plan before hand to cope with the new study course and get good grades in high school math. It would be fine, if you start your prep with the help of an online tutoring site to get through all the troublesome phases in your high school learning.
  2. 2. It is learning ultimately You are entering the high school to catch up with the tempo of higher pursuits of knowledge. Get ready to do that with your hard work. Good luck!


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