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Baroque Composers

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Baroque Composers

Baroque Composers

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Jean-Baptiste LullyHe was born in Italy in 1632.

He studied in France the Violin and Guitar

He was known as a dancer.

He conducted Operas and other music events for the royal courts.

He was considered a French composer because he lived all his life in France.

Jean-Baptiste Lully

He established the form of French Ouverture.

His compositions: Motets, Dances, Suites for Trumpets and Strings.

He died in 1687.

Jean-Baptiste Lully

Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio VivaldiHe was born in Venice in Italy in 1678.

His father taught him to play Violin.

He became a priest but he continued to study and practice the Violin.

He had red hair, So he was called the "Red Priest".

Antonio Vivaldi

He was the best Italian composer of his time.

He wrote 500 Concertos, Operas and Church Music.

He died in 1741.Antonio Vivaldi

George Frederic Handel

George Frederic HandelHe was born in Germany in 1685.

He was very interested in music but his father was not, and wanted him to study law.

Handel loved the Opera, he went to Italy in order to learn about that.

He was hired as court composer to a prince in Germany.

George Frederic Handel

After Operas, he started composing Oratorios.

He wrote 420 Operas, 29 Oratorios, 16 Organ Concerts and 120 Cantatas.

He died in 1759.

George Frederic Handel

Jean-Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian BachHe was born in Germany in 1685.

His father was his first teacher.

His Brother was a church organist, so he became a very good organist too.

He went to Lneburg in order to learn more about the Organ.

He played music in order to get money.

He was the director of St Tomas Church & School.

Johann Sebastian Bach

He wrote all kinds of music for Organ and other Keyboards, Orchestras , Choirs and Concertos.

He was considered the best composer of the Baroque Period.

Johann Sebastian Bach

No one really knew about his music until 100 years after his death.

He lost his sight at the age of 64.

He died in 1750.

Johann Sebastian Bach

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