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  • Life is about the seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    And as I walk through each of these stations; I realize that each allows

    me sow, cultivate, harvest and living Harvest ... and although my

    and winter have been sad, these stations in some way or another

    have been present in my life and in my heart... but I know these are

    protected. Because, someone designed me to sow and harvest.

  • I had a very special child.

    I went to school and learned many things

    I had many classmates

    I played a lot and I met my first best friend

    I remember my first teacher, her name was Nancy

  • I started my high school

    and I met new friends and I started hanging out with them.

    I started practicing my first sport

    I went to my first "sweet fifteen" parties

  • I graduated from high school

    I met my husband

    We got married

    We had a beautiful baby

    And we began to form our family

  • But sadly, we are separated

  • Today

    I'm living with my son and we are enjoying life together ... he's younger

    than me, he has six years ... but is the tallest of the course ... he's more

    intelligent than me ... well every day surprises me how smart he is.

    Now I am going to college and I'm studying psychology.

    I'm trying to return to play volleyball but to me, swimming is better than


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