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Presentation delivered by Project Manager, Conor McGale from Border Lives on 9 October in W5 Belfast as part of Aurion Learning's E-Learning Masterclass series.


<ul><li> 1. BORDER LIVES E-LEARNING JOURNEYThursday 9 October, 2014W5, BelfastConor McGaleProject Manager Border Lives</li></ul> <p> 2. Border LivesThe Fews 3. Overview of Border LivesBY CONOR McGALE, PROJECT MANAGERTo ensure that the stories and experiences of those living in theBorder Region during the Northern Ireland Troubles, are captured,replicated and shared in innovative ways that are accessible to bothnew and wider audiences locally, regionally and internationally. Create 6 documentary films and 7 viral videos (interview 80 people) Create a new website Create an E-Learning programme Rethink( ) Organise 36 public events Use new technologies to tell and share stories (Social Media, App, Storee) 4. Border Lives in Numbers 5. Social Media 6. Border Lives &amp; e-learningPurpose: To enhance the educational aspect of the Project; Use Storytelling as a teaching and training method; To use engaging interactive content that promotes Border Lives andengages learners to learn more about the Northern Ireland Troubles; 7. What we asked Aurion to do.. Create three e-learning modules that would complement &amp; enhancethe Border Lives Project; To include a variety of appropriate interactions &amp; engaging activitiesto keep learners engaged; To devise a highly interactive, rich learning &amp; visually attractive site; The modules should be an introduction to these topics which wouldsupplement class based training rather than replace face-to-facelearning; 8. Border Lives Rethink 9. Challenges Content. Films &amp; Editing Process. Technical Requirements of the Project. EU Funding Requirements. Timescale. 10. Working with Aurion Target Audience. Content Requirements (Workshops, Research, Conversations). What the modules should look like visually (highly interactive richlearning material which is central to the core aims of the project). 11. Working with Aurion Website design, strongcolours, navigation andlayout of the site (Sitemeetings/reviews). Having the site tested andlive for the high-profilelaunch in Stormont at theend of September. 12. Future Work Opportunities to expand the e-learning site via new funding streams. Potential to roll out to the Curriculum North &amp; South of Ireland underthe Citizenship module. Storee element of the project will ensure that the site remains user-led. 13.</p>


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