CAUCE - Mobile Learning: A User Experience Perspective

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Mobile is the new reality in the world of online learning. With a focus on user experience (UX), this session will explore how to leverage Moodle to better support anytime, anywhere learning on an ever-expanding range of mobile devices. Topics will include the fundamentals of mobile learning UX, the on-going evolution of the "mobile first" design viewpoint, and the increased importance of design for emotion. This session will also explore what open source responsive HTML frameworks, such as Twitter Bootstrap, can offer to Moodle.


  • 1. CAUCE Professional Development Webinar SeriesMobile Learning:!A User Experience PerspectivePaul D Hibbitts!@hibbittsdesign

2. 3. Topics for Today! Mobile Learning and the user experience! How mobile changes blended learning! What does mobile really mean?! Why Moodle 2.5 was a mobile milestone release! The increased importance of emotion! Multi-device Moodle course site case study 4. Mobile Web Usage Projections 5. What stage is mobile learning atin your organization?!!A) Mobile learning is new to me!B) It has been discussed before!C) Evaluating possible solutions!D) Delivering mobile learning now 6. Mobile Learning!and the User Experience 7. The ability to learn independentlyof place and time, facilitated by arange of mobile devices.!! Ufi/learndirect and Kineo, 2007 8. More Than Just Courses 9. Forms of Mobile Learning! Micro-learning self paced mini lessons in varied media, e.g. podcasts! Synchronous virtual classrooms using mobile webinar tools! Assessments tests, surveys, polls! Social media learning enabling networks for learning! Learning games challenges and simulations! Performance support references, job aids, collaboration, social, augmented realityAs defined by Connie Malamed 10. Some Mobile False Assumptions! Being mobile means being in a rush! Mobile users are ok with having less! Context is king (hint: think about intent) 11. Usability & !User Experience Design 12. Usability How it Works! Learnability (first time users)! Efficiency (experienced users)! Memorability (casual users)! Error-resistance (all users) 13. User Experience (UX) !How it Works and Feels! Subjective in nature, but still measurable! Often changes over time, due to circumstances! Will also include aspects of usability 14. Aspects of User Experience (Peter Morville) 15. A Changed Perspective on!Blended Learning 16. Whats theimpact of mobileaccess onblended learning? 17. Five Moments of!Learning Need1. When learning for the first time2. When wanting to learn more3. When trying to remember!and/or apply4. When things change5. When something goes wrongAs defined by Bob Mosher and Conrad GottfredsonFormal!LearningInformal!Learning 18. Mobile blended learningprovides more opportunitiesfor performance support,!social networking,!and informal learning 19. The Many Meanings!Of Mobile 20. Mobile First (2011)Growth''Constraints''Capabili1es' 21. What Exactly is Mobile? 22. 23. 24. 25. Which device do you start mostof your mobile learning on?!!A) Smartphone!B) Tablet!C) Hybrid (i.e. Surface)!D) Notebook 26. 27. Time for Questions!or Comments! What weve covered so far What is mobile learning? Mobile false assumptions Usability & user experience The impact of mobile on blended learning Our mobile and multi-screen world! Coming up Making our course sites multi-device friendly 28. Making Our Course Sites!Multi-device Friendly 29. Our course sites need tosupport multi-device access 30. But how? 31. Moodle 2.5 was a!mobile milestone release why? 32. The (Twitter) !Bootstrap Framework! Grid-based layout! Support for responsive design! Interface components (e.g. tabs)! Javascript snippets (e.g. dialog boxes) 33. Responsive Web Design 34. Aardvark Theme 35. Aardvark Theme 36. Elegance Theme 37. Elegance Theme 38. A closer look at a Moodle coursesite using a Bootstrap theme...!!University of British Columbia (UBC) Continuing Studies!! (built with Moodle 2.6.1) 39. Multi-device delivery is now(pretty) easy.Doing it well for learning contexts?Maybe not so much... 40. Redefining Mobile Learning!in a Multi-device World! Ubiquitous! Situational! Connected! Personal 41. Creating a Multi-device!Learning Strategy Foundation! Why? (i.e. problem, opportunity, etc.)! Who? (i.e. audience, setting, etc.)! What? (i.e. learner goals, organization goals, etc.)! Where? (i.e. context, devices supported, etc.)! When? (i.e. learner intent, off-line access, etc.)! How? (i.e. organizational support and capabilities,existing or new content, etc.) 42. (Multi-device) LearningExperience Principles! Learner-driven! Valuable! Streamlined! Collaborative! Open! Integrated! Available! Multi-device (goes without saying) 43. The Importance of Emotion 44. How does your LMS!make you feel? 45. Now, imagine how your LMS!makes your students feel 46. Why Design for Emotion?! Emotion is experience! All design is emotional design! Emotion dominates decision-making! Emotion commands attention and!affects memory! Emotion communicates personality, formsrelationships, and creates meaningAs defined by Trevor van Gorp and Edie Adams 47. Yahoo! Mobile Research (2011) 48. Its also a great opportunity toshow your students that you care! 49. Enjoyable" Easy to Use" Aesthetically pleasing" Needed information" Fun and entertaining" Supports flow" Provides engagement" Emotionally appealing 50. Moodle&2.3&Icons& Moodle&2.4&Icons& 51. Moodle&2.7&Default&Theme&(Clean)& 52. Strive for a Pleasant,!and Quiet, User Interface! Effective layout (principles: alignment,repetition, proximity)! Use of appealing but subdued colors! Provide adequate contrast, esp. for text! Make type easy to read 53. Time for More!Questions or Comments! What weve covered so far Why Moodle 2.5 was a mobile milestone release Mobile Learning in a multi-device world A Multi-device learning strategy foundation (Multi-device) learning experience principles The increased importance of emotion Striving for a pleasant, and quiet, interface! Coming up A detailed look at a multi-device Moodle course site 54. Multi-device Moodle!Course Site Case Study 55. Now, a detailed look at a!multi-device Moodle course site...!!University of British Columbia (UBC) Continuing Studies!! (built with Moodle 2.6.1) 56. Bootstrap (2.x) HTML SnippetMedia Thumbnail with Descriptive Text

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57. Bootstrap (2.x) HTML SnippetTwo Column Layout

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58. Wrap-up 59. Summary! Mobile learning and the user experience! How mobile changes blended learning! Mobile means multiple screens + devices! Moodle 2.5+ for multi-device learning! Multi-device learning strategy and principles! The increased importance of emotion! Multi-device Moodle course site case study 60. Thank you! Any questions?! Contact Info Web: Email: Twitter: @hibbittsdesign LinkedIn:! IY103-W14 Course Companion! Accompanying Worksheets