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Dickens´ Biography

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  • 1. CHARLESDICKENSBy: Angie AcuaDavid MarmolejoLeydi MarmolejoLaura TrujilloLuisa Rodrguez

2. BIBLIOGRAPHY (Portsmouth, UK, 1812-Gad's Hill, id., 1870) Britishwriter. In 1822, his family moved from Kent toLondon, and two years later his father wasimprisoned for debt. The future writer then went towork in a shoe factory, where he met the harshliving conditions of the lower classes, whosecomplaint he devoted much of his work. 3. Self-taught, if we exclude the two and a half years at aprivate school, he got a job as a trainee lawyer in 1827,but already aspired to be a playwright and journalist. Helearned shorthand and gradually got a living with mywriting; He began writing chronicles of courts to accesslater to a post of parliamentary journalist and finallyunder the pseudonym Boz, published a series of articlesinspired by the everyday life of London (Sketches byBoz). The same year, he married Catherine Hogarth, daughterof the director of the Morning Chronicle, the newspaperthat circulated between 1836 and 1837, the melodramaof The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, andlater Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. The serialpublication of virtually all his novels created a specialrelationship with his public, which came to exercisesignificant influence, and his novels are delivered moreor less directly on the issues of their time way. 4. Characteristics of his books Introduced in his works very differentpeople. There was humorous and other seriousissues. Readings could give such a force andauthenticity. 5. BOOKS WRITTENPapeles pstumos del Club Pickwick.1837Oliver Twist.1839Nicholas Nickleby.1839La tienda de antigedades1840 - 1841Cuento de Navidad..1843El grillo del hogar..1845La batalla de la vida.1846