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  1. 1. Cinematographyresearch
  2. 2. What is cinematography?
  3. 3. Main artist within the band should take centralplace on the front cover, which is what Kerranghave done with this particular issue I believe thisis used and is a good feature as it is the first thingwe notice when you look at the cover and impliesthat they are the main singer of this particularband, there appears to be a slight distancebetween the main artist and the rest of the group,they evidently seem to be stood in the backgroundwhich is eye catching and effective. The camerashot used is a close up as the band fills the wholeframe, using an image as a whole page instead ofto much writing can work in favor as we all look atpictures more than words. this issue has astandard depth of field meaning we can see all thatis on the page and nothing takes the main focusand it is an open image as we can see beyond thefirst artist and there is nothing obstructing the viewof the audience. What is most effective about thisfront cover is the fact that the main artist eye is thecenter of the frame, it is the first thing you paymost attention to at a first glance, ensuring youhave each feature in the correct place on yourframe can help add effect. I would use the idea ofhaving the main artist in the center of the frame asthis will attract the attention of the audience I haveaimed my magazine at, I would also use a featuresuch as the eye being the dominant part of thismagazine as I believe it is catchy and draws youin.
  4. 4. The contents page of Kerrang