Claires Totem-pole

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  • 1. Scotland KiltI have chosen thisphoto becausemy great grandadand grandmotherand their child mygrandad camefrom Scotland

2. McCrum Family CrestI chosen this photobecause its apart ofmy family and itshistory 3. Silver FernI have chosen thisphoto because Iam a NewZealander and Iam proud to beKIWI!!! 4. NZ FlagI have chosenthe NZ flagbecause I amapart of NZ andit is a big part ofmy life 5. London FlagI have chosenthe London flagbecause myGreat grandadwas born there 6. Ireland Flag I have chosen the Ireland flag because my nana and her mum and dad were born there 7. IrelandBoxtyThis is a photo ofboxty one ofIrelands manydifferent foods mynana used tomake it for my dadand his siblings 8. This is myTotempicture pole By Claire McCrum