Climate change and prevention of natural disasters

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Text of Climate change and prevention of natural disasters

  • 2. UNESCOS FIVE PILLARS OF LEARNING Learning to know Learning to do Learning to live together Learning to be Learning to transform oneself and society.
  • 3. ESD: climate change and natural disasters Education for Sustainable Development helps people understand the impacts of climate change and increase climate literacy among young people.
  • 4. Quality ESD is about: Learning to ask critical questions Learning to clarify ones own values Learning to make more positive sustainable futures. Learning to think systemically Learning to act through applied learning Learning to explore the relationship between tradition and innovation.
  • 5. CHANGING CLIMATES What is the difference between weather and climate? Why is the climate changing? What human activities affect climate change? What does our future look like? GUIDELINE: Climate and weather Global temperature Human causes Maintaining ecosystems Different scenarios An invisible threat
  • 6. CHANGING EFFECTS AND IMPACTS What are the effects of climate change on the planet and ecosystems? How does climate change impact on different people around the world? Is everyone affected in the same way? GUIDELINE: Climate change effects. Effects on the planet. Ecosystems. Impacts on people. Developed countries Emerging countries. Developing countries. Young people. Indigenous youth. Girls and young women. Islanders.
  • 7. DANGERS AND THREATEN THE HUMANITY GUIDELINE: Earthquakes and heatwaves Storms and tropical cyclones Floods and landslides Droughts and desertification Volcanoes Impact on people 94 % of the natural disasters answers to four reasons..
  • 8. THE HYOGO FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION GUIDELINE The five priorities for action The International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Activities of the international organizations The contribution of UNESCO
  • 9. EDUCATION AND PUBLIC CONSCIENCE The reduction of the risks is necessary, possible and profitable. GUIDELINE Educational world campaign for the reduction of the disasters The protection of the heritage: actions after the disaster Future actions
  • 10. ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE BY REDUCING DISASTER RISKS: COUNTRY PRACTICES . GUIDELINE Implementing disaster risk reduction as an adaptation strategy Case examples of country experience: India (Pune), Maldives, Peru (Andian Highlands, South Africa (Overstrand), United Kingdom (London) Lessons for implementation Adaptation to climate change is a relatively new concern, but it can call on a rich tradition spanning many decades of practices to reduce disaster risks.