Closing Reflections at the 2014 Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning

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Closing reflections at the 2014 Open Badges Summit to Reconnect Learning on February 13, 2014 at NestGSV in Silicon Valley. Presenters include Jeremy Isdale of Spacegambit, Ed Meier of Big Thought, Nate Otto of Indiana University, Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation, and Erin Knight of the Badge Alliance.


<ul><li> Ed Harrison from the Noun Project</li></ul> <p>2. JERRY ISDALE PROGRAM MANAGER SPACEGAMBIT @mauimakers 3. ED MEIER CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER BIG THOUGHT @bigthought 4. NATE OTTO PROJECT COORDINATOR, DPD PROJECT INDIANA UNIVERSITY @ottonomy 5. CONNIE YOWELL DIRECTOR OF EDUCATIONJOHN D. AND CATHERINE T. MACARTHUR 6. WHATS NEXT Dont forget about the 2014 DML ConferenceMarch 68 in Boston Stay tuned on HASTAC for next DML Competition 7. ERIN KNIGHT THE BADGE ALLIANCE @eknight 8. WHATS NEXT Join a Working Group Help Build the Ecosystem Be Part of Whats Next Learn more at 9. CATHY LEWIS LONG FOUNDING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR THE SPROUT FUND @sproutfund 10. @Badges4Learning#ReconnectLearning 11. 12. WITH APPRECIATION Carla Casilli Karen Cator An-Me Chung Megan Cole-Karagory Anne Derryberry Nicoletta Di Blas Chris Drew Todd Edebohls Elyse Eidman-AadahlDeborah Everhart Damian Ewens Annie Rose Favreau Leah Gilliam David Theo Goldberg Emily Goligoski Sheryl Grant Dan Hickey Mari Huertas 13. WITH APPRECIATION Jen Humke Jess Klein Erin Knight Eleanor Laurans Sunny Lee Kerri Lemoie Geoffrey MacDougall Sybil Madison-Boyd Kara MarchioneChris McAvoy Lynn Melander Moore Devin Parsons Danica Petroshius Nichole Pinkard Tim Riches Ruth K. Schmidt Robert Torres Connie Yowell 14. WITH APPRECIATION MACARTHUR FOUNDATION Connie Yowell Jen Humke Jules Squire Karen Hott 15. WITH APPRECIATION MOZILLA FOUNDATION Mark Surman Erin Knight An-Me Chung Megan Cole 16. WITH APPRECIATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY COUNCIL Geoff Lane Dean Garfield HASTAC Sheryl Grant David Theo Goldberg 17. WITH APPRECIATION DIGITAL PROMISE Chelsea Waite Chris Drew Karen Cator 18. WITH APPRECIATION NESTGSV Craig Pottruck Marisa Hudlin Rodolfo Rodriguez Kayvan Baroumand Amir Akbari 19. WITH APPRECIATION David Washington Partnerships for Purpose Yosi Sergant Taskforce David Markland Taskforce Sara Isaac Salter&gt;Mitchell Maggie Lawrence Salter&gt;Mitchell 20. WITH APPRECIATION HandsOn.TV Camila Folkmann Bruno Padua Sarah CoccoPHOTOGRAPHY Ben Filio GRAPHIC FACILITATION Nevada Lane 21. WITH APPRECIATION Khalif Ali Alexa Belajac Stephan Bontrager Paul Boone Chelsea Burket Maureen Copeland Danielle Crumrine Teresa DeFlitch Gigi DemingAndrew Heffner Alexis Howard Seth Hufford Erika Johnson Heather Mallak Ebony McKinney Lauren Merker Alex Pazuchanics John Rhoades 22. WITH APPRECIATION TEAM SPROUT Ryan Coon Mac Howison Dustin Stiver Timothy Blevins Jeremy Zerbe 23. SHUTTLE INFORMATION SHUTTLES DEPARTING AT 5:15PM To Sofitel Hotel To SFO Airport SHUTTLES DEPARTING AT 5:29PM To Redwood City Caltrain </p>