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  • Writing an essay could be very challenging because it involves several steps such as planning and organizing to editing and revising. The following list discusses common mistakes that writers make and how to avoid them. This should serve as reminders while you are editing your papers. Refer to this checklist before submitting your college paper.

  • STEPS IN COLLEGE PAPER EDITINGWhen you are doing college paper editing, read over the paper multiple times analyzing it one sentence at a time. Look for patterns of error in grammar and spelling. Make sure your paper has these important points:Thesis or focusAudience and purposeOrganizationDevelopmentAllow someone else to read over your paper Go back and correct any errors you may have noticed during editing.Read the paper aloud as if you are reading a story and listen for any more errors.

  • READ OVER THE PAPER MULTIPLE TIMES ANALYZING IT ONE SENTENCE AT A TIME. As you go over your paper during your college paper editing phase, you might come across (a) sentence fragments or groups of words that look likesentences, but aren't and (b) sentence sprawls which are sentences and paragraphs that are overly long and repetitive. Sentence fragments and sprawls are common mistakes in writing papers. Punctuate each sentence correctly, making sure each one can stand alone as an acceptable sentence. Make your text concise and straightforward. Sentences should be kept shorter, unnecessary words are taken out, and avoid repeating yourself.


  • LOOK FOR PATTERNS OF ERROR IN GRAMMAR AND SPELLINGAll writers make mistakes typical of their writing.If you are aware that you always forget commas, check for commas.If you always have trouble with transitions, then look for transitions.If you know that you should work on wordiness, watch out for this. List down your trouble spots. Use this as a college paper editing checklist and refer to it as you edit.


  • Some mistakes in pronoun usage include (a) unclear pronoun reference, (b) incorrect pronoun agreement, and (c) wrong pronoun case.Another common mistake is the improper use of commas. Watch out for omitted commas, superfluous and comma splicing.It would be very helpful to use academic paper editing service to ensure your English grammar is correct including the use of commas.



    Your paper and all its parts must be cohesive in support to your main point. Its a mistake to put all your varying ideas into one writing. It will lose its focus and you will end up confusing your reader. Consider this in your college paper editing checklist and be clear on your main topic.

    B. AUDIENCE AND PURPOSEYou should be able to answer the following questions: Who is the audience for this paper? What is the purpose or intention behind the paper? Why should anyone read your paper?3


    A familiar mistake in writing papers is faulty organization. In editing college papers , one must check the organization of the topics. The essay would be cohesive and successful if it has a well-written thesis and clear supporting topic sentences.

    D. DEVELOPMENTFind places where more details, examples, or specifics should be added. Some paragraphs may seem much shorter and in need of more explanation than others.

  • ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO READ OVER YOUR PAPER Have them point out the areas of your paper that may have confused them. Ask them if they came across statements that could have been worded better.Since they are not the writer, they may catch errors that you may never have noticed.You may have used words that are confusing. Words having similar spelling and sound does not entail the same meaning. College paper editing becomes easier when you consult a dictionary or glossary of usage to find the right choice of words and to avoid confusion.


  • GO BACK AND CORRECT ANY ERRORS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED DURING EDITINGIn editing, you may come across spelling errors that are sometimes overwhelming. Misspellings are usually remarked as a reflection of the writer's carelessness and lack of commitment toward the project. All your hard work will be put to waste due to misspellings. Consult dictionaries and use electronic spell checks to avoid this embarrassing mistake. If you lack the time to do so, use an academic paper editing service to assist you in making your paper free from errors.


  • READ THE PAPER ALOUD AND LISTEN FOR ANY MORE ERRORS. While reading, did you hear something not quite right? If you listen carefully, you will be able to correct any errors that you hear.Listen for incomplete phrases, sentences and ideas, as well as things that sound funny.Before finishing up, make sure youve gone over all the items in your college paper editing checklist.


  • Everyone makes mistakes but this is not an excuse for your paper to be faulty. Go over the checklist and avoid making the mistakes in writing your essays. Or better yet, why not check out our page so we can help you writing your college paper quickly and flawlessly. Our US writers from various college specializations will ensure the quality of your work. Visit our website at


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