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  • 1. Annual performance review Emerging good practices in direct supervision WORKSHOP 1-4 March 2009 Bangkok, Thailand

2. Emerging good practices in direct supervision experiences of SL, PhP&China

  • Joint Presentation by
  • Anura (Sri Lanka); Lando (Philippines); and Sun (China)
  • Three good practices
  • Achievements & challenges
  • Way forward

3. Emerging good practices in direct supervision

  • 1. Governments participation
    • How
      • Philippines: NEDA and Lead Project Agency (LPA)
      • Sri Lanka: NPD & MFAR
      • China: MOF & support agency
    • Achievements
      • First hand information on issues - result in seeking practical solutions, LPA commitment to undertake reforms needed
      • Broader understanding of policy issues & knowledge sharing
      • Capacity building for own supervision & monitoring of gov. agencies
    • Challenges
      • Commitment & capacity training & more involvement
      • Conflict of interest disciplining
      • Duration vs. Cost(ensuring quality)
      • Follow up on sustainability & up scaling of projects(30 more years to go)
      • Knowledge management in projects

4. Emerging good practices in direct supervision

  • 2.Internalizing learning into the supervision process
    • How
      • Training given to CPO being used in supervision risk analysis, supervision, loan administration
      • Different models Sri Lanka & Philippines(and others too)
      • Implementation support process follow-up of agreed actions (light mission)
    • Achievements
      • Improved quality & depth of analysis - issues are revealed (fiduciary)
      • Pragmatic/doable recommendations, agreed actions
      • Sharing best practices stakeholder workshop; KM methods
      • Institutional memory and upward learning curve in the process
    • Challenges
      • In-breeding (if the learning is not effective / no learning)
      • Bringing in new perspective (external consultants needed)
      • Codification and storage of tacit knowledge for wider sharing

5. Emerging good practices in direct supervision

  • 3. Supervision linked-up with effective implementation support
    • How
      • Light missions
      • Post supervision visits
      • Constant communication
    • Achievements
      • Steering implementation support
      • Initiate cross fertilization (projects / countries)
      • Developing specific & focused TORs for on-coming missions
    • Challenges(Perceptions)
      • Too much dependence on CPOselective interventions
      • How far we go ? Sometimes too much help is needed
      • Linking supervision with policy dialogue and knowledge management

6. Way forward / next steps

  • Government partnership formalized & their capacity improved:
    • Php MOU - between IFAD and NEDA
    • Use M&E systems to promote gove. ownership
  • Provide learning opportunities for those involved in supervisions (eg networks)
  • Emphasize project risk / assumption analysis & management in supervision
  • Develop mechanisms to internalize supervision results in design and implementation:
    • annual country performance review
    • national knowledge sharing activities
    • IFAD country and project websites
    • Govt accountability system