Creating activities to support learners towards digital fluency

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  • 1.Creating Activities to Support Learners Towards Digital Fluency 19/06/2014 #jiscdiglit Scott Hibberson & Merv Stapleton

2. Overview Investigate what makes a digitally fluent learner Identify appropriate activities to share with your own learners (examples will be provided) Formulate a session plan with key aims and objectives Create an activity that is mapped to a key aspect of digital literacy 3. What makes a digitally fluent learner? 4. What makes a digitally fluent learner? jisc_infonet - Licenced under Creative Commons 5. What makes a digitally fluent learner? jisc_infonet - Licenced under Creative Commons Gilster also recommended that learners communicate with the author of a web site by email. If they dont respond - dont use the information Did not foresee Wikipedia Did not foresee social media Only mention related to e-safety is inappropriate web sites 6. What makes a digitally fluent learner? those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society: for example, the skills to use digital tools to undertake academic research, writing and critical thinking; as part of personal development planning; and as a way of showcasing achievements (JISC, n.d.), - accessed 13-05-14 7. What makes a digitally fluent learner? Be safe in a digital environment Find evaluate and apply information Use digital tools Showcase achievement Awareness and management of digital identity Collaborate education, community & work life 8. Jisc RSC support and guidance on esafety. Jisc Legal's template esafety policy. Jisc RSC Eastern's esafety Moodle course. Jisc Netskills advice and guidance on developing a social media strategy. Jisc Infonets e-Safety Toolkit Be safe in a digital environment examples 9. Showcase achievment examples Building a Professional Online Presence - Moodle course material Princes Trust - Digital Literacy Survey 2013 Students...Kick-Start Your Personal Brand Online How to Clean Up Your Online Presence and Make a Great First Impression. How To Use Twitter To Help You Find A Job. 10. Staff Development materials - Diigo Group - Inspiration cards - Some materials 11. Formulate a Session Plan 12. Create an activity mapped to digital literacy Please spend 15 minutes discussing your session plans in your groups Session plans provided are examples, Welcome to use your own institutional session plans Feedback to the rest of the group Session plan 13. Share Outcomes Feedback to everyone in your groups:- What themes have you covered? What is your session about? What resources/activities have you used? How will you assess your learners? 14. References Gilster, P. (1997) Digital literacy. New York: John Wiley & Son Pool, C. R. & Gilster,P. (1997). A new digital literacy. Educational Leadership, 55(3), 6. 15. Find out more Scott Hibberson e-Learning Advisor (Jisc RSC YH) @scotthibberson Merv Stapleton e-Learning Advisor (Jisc RSC N) @welshmackem Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND