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Creating a character

Creating a characterActivities to help you come up with real characters for your creative writing

This PowerPoint contains a series of exercises designed to help you create characters from different situations. It may also ask you to work in reverse. Give you a character and you will have to create something that is a reflection of that character. -Happy writing!

Tasks are from: Lowry, Brigid (2008) Juicy Writing, Allen & Unwin, NSW

We will begin this writing lesson with three minutes free writing. You must write for the whole three minutes- whatever comes into your head. You cannot lift your pen from the page or stop to have a break.

Think of the character Leslie in Bridge to Terabithia. Use a maximum of 20 words to describe what Bill and Judy would have had written on her gravestone.

Look at the contents of this fridge. Note down as many items as you can. Describe the person that lives here based on what you can see in the fridge. Show the character in action. Describe how they do something such as cook, chop wood, shop or garden.

Often readers learn a lot about a character because the book is written in the first person. This means that readers always know what is going on inside that characters head. Interior monologue is the phrase that describes the writing down of what the character is thinking to themselves. Imagine you are Maybelle Aarons. Write an interior monologue of at least ten lines for one of these three scenarios:You just realised Janice Avery has stolen your twinkieYou are woken up at 6am because your brother is shuffling around in the room, looking for his clothesYou ask Jesse to play with you but he is too busy drawing

According to wikipedia, a twinkie is: a "Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling"

Create slogans that would go on a t-shirt aboutMrs AaronsBrendaMs EdmundsMrs Myers

I dream of artE.G. Jesse Aarons


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