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Digital Resources brought to you by AMSCO Math, a division of Perfection Learning With Kim MooreBibb County School District

Bibb County School District

Bibb County School District

Today.Amscomath.comAMSCO Teachers Manual (digital)Math X

Digital ResourcesIndividualized Learning OpportunitiesBlended ClassroomFlipped ClassroomInterventionAccelerationAdditional Practice


4 Digital Resources available to Douglas County School District.5

Requires no passwordActivities for Students, Teachers, Parents

No password needed. Can be used for a flipped classroom. Parents can help students as it walks the student through concepts step by step. 6

ActivitiesVideosPostulates and TheoremsResources on

Teacher Manual E-book

Found on iLanguageArtsSchool Adminstrator Assigns Teacher as a UserUnique password requiredRefer to iLanguageArts Manual

The teacher will receive an Teacher Manual E-book and a student e-book. This allows the teacher view the materials online. The teacher can also print from the Teacher Manual E-book. 8

AMSCO Math Teacher Manual E-Bookhttp://www.ilanguagearts.comCreate accountTeacher Manual E-BookPrint Pages BookmarksNotes

Digital Instructional Tool

What Can Math X Do for You?

Web-based AMSCO alignment Easily give pre-built assignments in just a few clicksCreate unique assignments by class, ability level, or individual studentProvides student access to video clips and step-by-step help at point-of-useSmart feedback assists students when they make common errorsSpend less time grading and more time teaching with auto-graded assignmentsReal time reporting to inform instruction

Math X provides actionable data for teachers and personalized assignments with sophisticated point-of-use help and feedback for each and every student.

Data to Inform Instruction

Smart Feedback"All fractions need to be reduced.""The expression should be simplified.""Combine like terms.""Radicals cannot be in the denominator.""Factor the expression.""Arrange the expression in descending order.""Parentheses are not allowed in this answer.""Division by zero is not allowed.""Answer must be in simplified radical form."

Scavenger Hunt

Commercial Break

Go to mathx.perfectionlearning.comClick on the "Try It" button to go to the student trial.

Step 1

What do you see?

Why is this important?

Why is this better than simply giving students a pretest and letting the program create differentiated assignments based on the pretest?


HomeworkClick on the homework icon to return to the student view page.

Go to simple demo of Homework

Click on problem #1

What do you see that is the same as i-practice?What do you see that is different?

Quizzes and TestsClick on the assignment icon and then the homework icon to return to the student view page.

Select Solving Inequalities Quiz

Click on Problem 1

What do you see that is different form homework and i-practice??

2. Click on logoutLogout

User: Password: Perfection16

Teacher view

Click on Print (top right)Note: You can print the assignment, print answers or simply show answers. (Often teachers will use this option when they want students to work in cooperative groups.)Click Done.Print Assignments

Scroll down to an assignment titleLook to the right and select action and then Student view. Click on a problem to view the assignment as a student would see it.When finished, click on the three parallel lines and then Assignments to return to the teacher view of the assignments.Student View

Click on Grades on the left hand side of the screenClick on Gradebook.

Click on any student assignment grade.

What do you see?

Click DoneGradebook

Notice the blinking assignment

Click on the blinking dot

What do you see?

Teachers assign a point value for each student response.

Click Done to return to the gradebookGrading Free Response Questions

Click on the three parallel lines and then Reports. You see an overview of the class average by category. Change the classSelect an individual student and then drill down by category and individual assignment. Return to overview.Reports by Assignment

Click on student reports on the left hand side of the screen. Change the category. What do you see? How is this helpful? Click overview

Click on Problem list on the left hand side of the screen. Change on the breakdown of a problem.

What do you see? How is this helpful?

Report by Problem List

Technical SupportContact Perfection Learning

www.kbsupport.comToll Free: (800) 831-4190 (MF, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.) For Additional Information

Kim Moorekmoore@perfectionlearning.com678-323-5500


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