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Dont grow up injunction

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It is often the youngest child who gets a Don’t grow up injunction. The parents, in their Child ego state, may not want to let go of having a young kid around in the family. They may define their whole worth in terms of being a good father or a good mother.

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  • 1. Dont Grow Up Injunction

2. Prepared ByManu Melwin JoyResearch ScholarSchool of Management StudiesCUSAT, Kerala, India.Phone 9744551114Mail [email protected] restrict the use of slides for personal purpose.Please seek permission to reproduce the same in publicforms and presentations. 3. Dont Grow UpIt is often the youngest childwho gets a Dont grow upinjunction. The parents, intheir Child ego state, may notwant to let go of having ayoung kid around in the family.They may define their wholeworth in terms of being a goodfather or a good mother. 4. Dont Grow UpIf their child grew up, theywould no longer feelvaluable. Alternatively, thisinjunction may be given outby parents who never growup themselves. Theirmessage is Stay my littleplaymate. 5. Dont Grow UpSometimes, Dont growup is read as Dont leaveme. The woman whostays at home into hermiddle age, caring for ademanding aged mother,may be carrying thismessage. 6. Dont Grow UpAnother variant of Dont GrowUp is Dont be sexy. This isoften given by a father to hisdaughter, at the stage of herChildhood when she is oldenough to become noticeablyfeminine. 7. Dont Grow UpIn his Child, her father is sacredof his own sexual response toher. He puts out non verbalmessages of physicaldistancing, which the little girlmay read as an injunctionagainst growing up andbecoming a sexual woman. 8. Thank You 9. Other TA topics available on slideshare1. Strokes - Games People Play - Structural Analysis - What is TA? - Cycles of Development - Stages of Cure - Transactions - Time Structuring - Life Position - Autonomy - Structural Pathology - Game Analysis - Integrated Adult - Stroke Economy -