Dublin 12 Strengthening Families Programme

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A brief presentation of the Strengthening Families Programme, an internationally developed and utilised Parenting Support initiative. This presentation is aimed specifically at those in the D12 area of Dublin, Ireland.

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  • 1. Strengthening Families Programme The Strengthening Families Programme (SFP) involves young people aged 12-17 and their families in a 14 week sessional programme. It seeks to improve familiy relationships, parenting skills and a young persons social and life skills.

2. Originally developed by Dr Karol Kumpfer and associates in the US between 1982-86This is Karol KumpferAdvising the UN Office on Drugs & Crime in Vienna about SFP 3. 3 core elements of SFP were devisedChild Behaviour SkillsParenting SkillsFamily Skills 4. These were combined to make up the overall training aspect of the programme Mixing it up!A spot of Training! 5. In the US it is officially recognised by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, among others 6. SFP in Ireland This evidence based programme was first presented here in Ireland at Trinity College Ireland Addiction Research Centres annual conference in September 2005 by Dr. Karol Kumpfer (University of Utah) Slice of pie, anyone?A place for very clever people! 7. Following this, Drug and Alcohol Services H.S.E. South and Cork Local Drugs Task Force and Southern Regional Drugs Task Force arranged training for nearly 50 professionals in March 2006Arbour House Youth Drug and Alcohol Services then took the initiative and in conjunction with Community based Drug Projects, Probation Services, Liberty Street Homeless Services and Your Equal piloted and implemented the Strengthening Families Programme. 8. The Approach in Ireland InteragencyTop 2 Bottom ModelCommunity, Voluntary & Statutory Sector 9. The programme has been delivered across a broad range of settingsIn the City In the CountryTo Minority Groups 10. The Programme Skills are for all Families Crisis!!??$Not just families in crisis 11. SFP makes learning 'life skills' easierAn SFP 'family' is one or more adult responsible for one or more children; a 'parent' is an adult with that responsibility 12. A Strengthening Families Programme: Takes 14 weeksTeaches Parent, Teen & Family SkillsHappens at the same place every weekIs Adaptable to suit the mix of parents & teens 13. A Typical SFP Session? Family Style MealParent Session & Teen Session - separately 14. Closing Family SessionInvolves Everyone! 15. SFP StructureSteering Group: made up of agencies who have referred families onto the Programme 16. Programme ManagerRichard Costello, Rathmines Pembroke Community PartnershipSite Co-ordinatorPatsy Moran, Addiction Response Crumlin 17. Facilitators + Parents 18. Referral Agencies Community, Voluntary or Statutory organisations can make a referral They need to know and support the Family they refer They need to be committed to not only supporting the Family they refer but to the success of the SFP in Dublin 12 19. SFP in Dublin 12 4 Programmes delivered 30+ families startedThe average family attendance rate is 90%The average family completion rate is 90%And these are some of the people who Graduated.... 20. Thank you for reading! Interested? Call Patsy Moran on 01-4113222