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2. Image used for front page and whyI choose to use this image for my frontcover specifically because it lookeddirectly at the camera. Which helped tocreate some sort of syntheticpersonality with the audience. (a fakerelationship) this helps both the primaryand secondary audience to feel asthough the character in the image isstaring at them.I also used this image due to the facialexpression on the characters face. Thisaggression and intensity immediatelygrabs a potential readers attention.This image also includes a covert advert(the stereo player) which is beingadvertised on the contents page. Thisallowed me to hint or connote it to theaudience. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products? Although I would have liked my final product to challenge morecodes and conventions; it does not; to an extent. This is becausealthough I may have used two images (merged together) ratherthan one, I have also placed image in front of text. These qualitiesmake my front cover less conventional.Images in front of textTwo similar images merged into one. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realmedia products?Similarities and differencesStyle model between my product and realmedia productSimilarities: Differences:just like professional magazines; I More than two different fonts havehave included a bold and noticeable been used on the cover linesmasthead Image as been placed on top of text Certain words within cover lines have Main cover lines and been made to been made to stand out, rather thanstand out from the rest the whole cover line. There is a colour scheme 5. Mast headFont: Black oak STDFont size:36Colour: purple COLOURFONT