First day reading

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  • 1. Are You Ready for College?
  • 2. Do you have reading stamina? A college student is required to read between 100-600 pages of reading each week. How many pages do you read outside of school each week? #1
  • 3. Do you have reading stamina? Reading and thinking for hours at a time is a necessary component of an intellectual life and for most professions. Can you read UNINTERUPPTED for more than 30 minutes? #1
  • 4. Do you exhibit curiosity? 80% of college professors believe this to be a necessary trait for college students. Intellectual curiosity is a strong predictor of academic performance. #2
  • 5. Are you able to engage in intellectual discussions? As Matt Ridely explains in a TED lecture, whats relevant to a society is how well people are communicating their ideas and how well they are cooperating not how clever the individuals are its the interchange of ideas, the meeting and mating of Intellectual discussion can lead to innovation. #3
  • 6. Are you able to respect other viewpoints? 71% of college professors believe this is an important skill for college success. Being open-minded makes you more adaptable and flexible. #4
  • 7. Do you have a strong work ethic? Responsible Integrity Quality Discipline On-time, Prepared, Attendance, Due Dates #5
  • 8. Are you prepared to write 5-10 papers? Argumentative Evidence Analysis Proper Format Reliable Sources Refine Ideas A range of 3-20 pages in length #6
  • 9. Can you ask provocative questions? 73% of college professors believe this is an indication of the thinking skills needed to succeed in college. The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge (Thomas Berger). #7
  • 10. Can you ask clarifying questions? 85% of college professors believe this is an indication of the thinking skills needed to succeed in college. He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever (Chinese Proverb). #8
  • 11. Are you self motivated and disciplined? Motivation is what gets you started. Discipline is what keeps you going. #9 Study Habits Attendance Time Management Goals Paying attention
  • 12. Do you demonstrate a commitment to writing well and ethically ? If the elevator of success is out, use the stairs, one step at a time (John Reyes). #10 Writing Process Avoid the done in one Proofread and Revision Citation of sources in text and bibliography/work cited Multiple readers of work
  • 13. Why do I have to read EVERYDAY? Adapted from Teri Lesesne
  • 14. If colleges and careers now require HIGHER LEVEL reading and writing, what does this report tell us?
  • 15. Which Student Will You Choose to be?