Fun Learning For Kids - Festivals

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Teach children the various kinds of festivals celebrated around the world through these interactive images!

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2. Match the festival names to the items used in them! Weekly Childrens Newspaper 3. Childrens Day is celebrated across the world and is the most anticipated festival by kids everywhere. List the name by which Childrens Day is called in the following countries: a. Argentina b. Turkey c. Germany d. Poland Weekly Childrens Newspaper 4. With the help of the following hints, guess the names of these festivals! a. O _ _ N F _ S T _ VA_ : In Japan, families release floating lanterns into the water to represent their ancestors spirits being sent off. b. S _ I C _ M _ S C A _ N _ V _ L: An Independence Day celebration featuring Calypso music, a steel band competition, elaborate dresses and plenty of big events in Grenada. a. L _ S F _ L L _ S: A traditional celebration held in commemoration of Saint Joseph in the city of Valencia, Spain. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 5. Festive Creativity! If you had to create a national festival, what would you like to celebrate? Weekly Childrens Newspaper 6. Guess the festivals depicted in the images Weekly Childrens Newspaper 7. Pick the items that symbolise the Tet Trung Thu festival, which is a harvest festival in Vietnam centered on parents spending time with their children. Weekly Childrens Newspaper 8. Answers: 1:d, 2: c, 3: a, 4: b a: Dia del Nino, b: ocuk Bayrami, c: Kindertag, d: Dzien Dziecka a: Obon Festival, b: Spice Mas Carnival, c: Las Fallas 1: Magh Mela, 2: San Fermin, 3: Monkey Buffet Festival Lantern, Dragon costume, Mooncake Weekly Childrens Newspaper 9. Thank You! Connect with us @ Weekly Childrens Newspaper Print this slideshow to teach kids offline!