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Try this cheap and easy gel writing board: perfect for the car ride, waiting at the doctor's office, or just for when you feel like challenging your child to a game of tic-tac-toe. This gel board can be made with items you might already have in your home. So look over the supplies list, raid your bathroom and junk drawer and follow our step by step instructions to make your very own gel board. Warning: you may want to make more than one, parents and older siblings tend to like to play with this writing board just as much as the littles.

Text of Gel writing board tutorial

  • 1. Gel Writing Board List of supplies Sturdy cardboard or foam core project board cut to 10x 12 sheets Gallon resealable food storage bag Clear hair gel Duct tape Clear packaging tape Scissors Food color Con-Tact cover cut to 10x 12 sheet
  • 2. Some retailers sell precut foam core boards, but you might have to go with the large board, which comes in 20x 30 sheets.Use a yard stick andpencil to mark the largesheet into 4, 10x12sections.Using a box cutter,carefully cut the largesheet (you will have extraa 6x 20 strip left over)
  • 3. Each gel board will require approximately 2 TBS of clear hair gel. You dontwant to use too much hair gel, just enough to coat the inside of the storagebag. Place the clear hair gel in the bag and add the food color of your choice. Close and seal your storage bag, leaving a small opening to allow air bubbles to escape.
  • 4. Using your fingers, begin to spread the gel and food color mixture into every corner of the bag.Try to work the gel fromthe bottom of the bag, tothe top, so that the airbubbles escape out of thesmall opening left in thestorage bag. Be sure to work out as much of the air as you can. This will prolong the life of your gel board.
  • 5. Once you have worked all the air bubbles out, close the storage bag completely, and you are ready to secure the bag to the foam core board.Cut an 8 strip of clearpacking tape and place it atthe top of the bag, leavinghalf the tape exposed atthe top of the bag.
  • 6. Lay the storage bag on top of the foam board. Wrap the resealable portion of the bag around the edge and back of the board.Press the exposed portionof the packing tape to theback of the board. Repeat this procedure at the bottom of the board.
  • 7. Now you are ready to cover the entire storage bag and exposed board edges with the 10x12 piece of Con-Tact cover. Con-Tact cover is a clear adhesive sheet that is used to protect surfaces. It can be found in the home supply area of most retailers.This step is very important, the Con-Tact cover sheet will help protect thestorage bag from being cut by sharp fingernails or other objects, leaking dyedhair gel all over your favorite stuff. Peel and fold back one short edge of the Con- Tact cover sheet.
  • 8. Line up your exposed edge of Con-Tact cover to one short edge of the foam core board, and press, securing the sheet to the board.Slowly, begin peeling the pa-per backing off the Con-Tact cover sheet.Use your other hand topress the adhesive sheetonto the surface of thestorage bag and board, untilthe whole board is covered.(discard paper backing)
  • 9. Using scissors, cut the duct tape of your choice. You will need two 10 strips and three 12 strips. Wrap the strips around the front, edge and back of your board to cover all the exposed edges of the storage bag and board.Repeat this process on allsides of your gel writingboard. The locking portion of your storage bag and packaging tape will be exposed at the back of your board. Use the extra piece of 12 duct tape to cover all those exposed bits.
  • 10. Now its time for Gel Writing Board fun!