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<p>General Exam Advice</p> <p>General Exam AdviceSection A Producers and Audience</p> <p>Advice on Section AYou must use information on our case study films so know the details!!!! You dont have to refer to them all pick the best three that suit the question. You can also use other films you know wellWhen you choose the question you want to answer spend five mins brainstorming everything you know about the topic THEN look at the resources (five mins).Plan what you are going to include and the structure (five mins)Writing time 45 mins</p> <p>Advice in Section A - ResourcesYou need to use the resource material as a spring board for debate. Discuss the resource material and you can challenge it!You dont have to deal with every item at length but you should try to focus on one key conclusion/fact/idea for each resource. Interpret it!Be selectiveDont rely on the resource material you must go beyond it!</p> <p>What does the stimulus material suggest?</p> <p>Advice on Section AYou must talk about the British Film IndustryKnow how it is different to the US Film Industry Use examples of British film, dont just talk about US examples!Use terminologyPersonal engagement with the question central argument, own experiences</p> <p>What is the examiner looking for?Level 4 candidates will be distinguished by an excellent knowledge and confident understanding of the subjects studied for this unit. They will display an excellent understanding of, and a lively engagement with, the issues raised by the question set, and display a very good ability to select relevant material. This will involve as appropriate: an excellent ability in interpreting stimulus material, recognising key points; an excellent ability to provide appropriate material from their own studies.References made to both stimulus material and candidates' own study material will be both accurate and relevant to the argument developed. The work will be well-structured. There will be a clear and authoritative 'voice' developing in the candidate.Quality of written communication will be excellent. It will be fluent, well-structured and accurate, showing signs of sophistication. </p> <p>Advice from Exam reportsThe best answers used the resource material for productive and engaged responses and demonstrated evidence of understanding of the British and American Film Industries.Many candidates did not take the opportunity to bring in their own knowledge or debate what the resource material suggested. Responses were often completely or heavily reliant on this material with little interpretation.</p> <p>Advice from Exam ReportsUnfortunately, many candidates described the resource materials, often repeating the text verbatim.There were some excellent uses of personal experience and prepared case studies that were expertly applied to the resource material and the questions, developing some extremely engaging responses. </p> <p>Advice for Exam ReportsWhereas case studies may well anchor teaching, it is recommended that opportunities for individualized, personal learning are also provided. Many candidates were able to use their own, often detailed, case studies and examples to support points made and to develop their answers. There was evidence of candidates carrying out independent research into key areas for this section which was good to see </p>