How I Draw Comics - by Qvi

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Here it is, the final version of my presentation :D ... still not very informative as it is supposted to assist an oral presentation. But I hope you like it anyway :P The Future of Kingdoms (Q) Qvi Total Annihilation : Kingdoms (C) Cavedog, ATARI All the other things that don't belong to me, belong to their respective owners. lol. Download the full slideshow with animations and awesome quality here (click on Letlts *insert filename and size here*) (might won't work after a while, just poke me if you can't download it and I'll re-upload it :) )


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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Drawing 7. Concept Art 8. The World 9. The plans and scripts 1,1 2,1 2,2 4,1 5,1 6,1 10. No spoilers here :D Hehe, but seriously These arenot theoriginal text. Just sample. Yup. But ohno space Hehe the pictures in the slideshow are smaller, I barely fit in here :D 11.