How to draw a dog

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How to draw a dog


  • 1. How to draw a Dog

2. To draw a dog, you should begin by drawing the number 'six', followed by three lines, fairly close together. This will create the dog's seated body and legs. 3. On top of these lines, you can draw a circle and an oval to the right of that connected to the circle. This is the head and snout of the dog. Now you have the basic shape of the dog, next you just have to fill in the details. 4. Start with a pointy ear on top of the circle. Then, add a nose on the top right end of the oval. To make the oval appear more snout-like you can add 'wrinkles. You can also add whiskers if you choose, and follow with a line at the end of the oval, just inside, to create the 'split' that leads down to a dog's mouth. 5. Now, you can add fur. Using a zigzag line, trace back over the body to create the look of fur on the dog's back and legs. Add paws to the feet. You can also add a paw at the bottom right of the number 'six', as the part that curves around is meant to be the bent leg when seated. Add an eye to the dog, and you are done. 6. And thats it! Drawing dogs is not a complicated thing. Once you've gotten down the concept, it's a lot easier to experiment with your own ideas. Try it for yourself and upload your drawings below.