How to make this your cats christmas

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  • If you have a cat, its likely he will be intrigued by the glitter and busy preparations associated with

    the holiday season. Including your cat as part of the festivities and planning a few additional treats

    for him will heighten the enjoyment of the occasion for any cat lover. Here is how to make this

    Christmas your cats Christmas too!


  • Part 1 of 2: Making Christmas Time Special for Your Cat

    1. Make your Christmas tree cat-friendly. To do this, hang no easily-breakable ornaments on the lower half of the

    tree. Place a tree in a room you are often in to avoid catastrophes. Put some of your cats toys near or under the

    tree, and also a blanket or so under the tree, so your cat can enjoy sleeping there when youre in the room.

  • 2. Buy or make presents for your cat. Ideas include:

    A new chew toy, which makes tons of noise. This will give your cat lots of pleasure!

    Some fancy food, or special cat milk.

    A new bed

    A new scratching post.

    Buy presents according to your cats personality, whether he or she is lazy or playful. There are also many ways you

    can make homemade toys that your cat may enjoy even more; see further How to make cat toys.

  • 3. Prepare food and treats that are out of the ordinary. You might want to buy ormake some special food once or

    twice a week while its December, so that your cat can feel the holiday spirit and joy. Make Christmas Eve the most

    exciting and special, offering a good piece of meat or fish for dinner.

  • 4. Play and spend time together. Play with your cat. He will have loads of fun and after all the fancy food could

    probably use the exercise. Let your cat snuggle up next to you in the couch and bed when youre watching TV or

    reading on Christmas day.

  • Part 2 of 2: Keeping Your Cat Safe During the Holiday Season

    As well as ensuring the Christmas tree is stable, here are some other things to be watchful for during the holiday


    1. Avoid seasonal plants that may be poisonous to your cat. Certain seasonally-common plants can cause illness or

    even fatalities in cats if chewed and/or swallowed. If you cant imagine your Christmas without these, consider

    purchasing silk versions.

    Plants to beware of if you have a cat include: Poinsettia, ivy, mistletoe, holly berries, Christmas rose,

    Christmas berry and yew.

  • 2. Make sure your cat is safe from other seasonal items. Cats may be tempted by tinsel or string. If consumed, it

    can wreak havoc with their digestive systems, requiring emergency treatment. Although it is tempting to give Fluffy

    some of your Christmas leftovers, many Christmas dinner and snack items (see Warnings) can be hazardous to your

    cats health. Keep tidy at Christmas you could save your pets life!

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