Information Literacy in an Age of Algorithms

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Age of algorithms

Age of algorithmsInformation Literacy in an

PALA-CRD Connect and Communicate September 11, 2012Kristen Yarmey

Google Image search for kristen yarmey2012-09-02

Bassam ShakhashiriBiennial Conference on Chemical Education 2012

The stakes

The stakesBassam ShakhashiriBiennial Conference on Chemical Education 2012

Goal: Widespread science literacy.

Outcome: The transformation of behavior and attitudes, as a result of knowledge.The stakesBassam ShakhashiriBiennial Conference on Chemical Education 2012

RNC vs DNC in TweetsTopsy, 2012-09-07The stakes

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education, 2000The uncertain quality and expanding quantity of information pose large challenges for society. The sheer abundance of information will not in itself create a more informed citizenry without a complementary cluster of abilities necessary to use information effectively.Information literacy

Explore general information sourcesIdentify key termsUse library catalogSelect and use library databasesFind a book or journal articleEvaluate sourcesDifferentiate between primary and secondary sourcesDifferentiate between peer reviewed and popular sourcesCite sources properlyInformation literacy

Information literacy(In an age of algorithms)

Big Data in Your BloodNew York Times, 2012-09-07The essence of the Big Data age is the diversity of data sets combined in novel ways.convergence

You for Sale: Mapping, and Sharing, the Consumer GenomeNew York Times, 2012-06-16It is Big Brother in Arkansas.convergenceLori B. AndrewsI Know Who You Are and I Saw What You Did, 2011The biggest company youve never heard of.

The Friendship Algorithm Flowchart(As sold on ThinkGeek)


Algorithms Rank Relevant Results HigherGoogle, Facts about Google and Competition


Searching for a Speed Limit in High-Frequency TradingNew York Times, 2012-09-08algorithms

George Dyson A Universe of Self-Replicating CodeEdge, 2012-03-26We now live in a world increasingly run by self-replicating strings of code.algorithms

Kevin Slavin How Algorithms Shape our WorldTEDGlobal 2011 algorithms

Investors, Regulators Laid Path to Flash CrashWall Street Journal, 2010-09-29

See also Findings Regarding the Market Events of May 6, 2010Report of the Staffs of the CFTC and SEC to the Joint Advisory Committee on Emerging Regulatory Issues


Computer Glitch Summons 1,200 to Auburn CourthouseCBS Sacramento, 2012-05-01


Unknown unknownsMammoth, 2012-03The algorithm is based on a model of the real world and when that model is even just slightly misaligned with the world it models, the aggregate nature of algorithms algorithms always flock produces outcomes that are rapidly perverse.eruptions

PersonicX Cluster PerspectivesAcxiom, 2010Predictive analytics

Predictive Modeling: Next Best Offer ModelNorth Atlantic GroupPredictive analyticsSeeta Pena GangadharanDigital Inclusion and Data ProfilingFirst Monday, 17(5), 2012Predictive analyticsConsidered as a whole, the combination of credit analytics, online marketing, and online advertising reflects a set of data profiling practices with very tangible and devastating consequences for minorities.Google Shopping search for stylus, 2012-09-10See also Google Charges Retailers to Appear on Shopping SiteNew York Times, 2012-09-10Market impact

Ed Mierzwinski, U.S. Public Interest Research GroupSecret E-Scores Chart Consumers Buying PowerNew York Times, 2012-08-18In most cases, you dont know who is collecting the information, you dont know what predictions they have made about you, or the potential for being denied choice or paying too much.opacity

Ted Striphas The AlgorithmFuture Tense, 2012-03-25

See also: Andrew Asher, Search MagicAn Anthropology of Algorithms, 2011-12-05 How do you have an argument with Google?opacity

Alexander FurnasIts Not All About You: What Privacy Advocates Dont Get About Data Tracking on the WebThe Atlantic, 2012-03-15

The bargain that we are making is a collective one, and the costs will be felt at a societal scale we grant private entities with no interest in the public good and no public accountability greater powers of persuasion than anyone has ever had before and in exchange we get free email.opacity

Wheres Walden? GPS Often Doesnt KnowNew York Times, 2012-09-01Loss of contextDavid M. Berry The computational turn: Thinking about the digital humanities. Culture Machine, 12. (2011)The digital assemblages that are now being built provide destabilising amounts of knowledge and information that lack the regulating force of philosophy.Data literacydanah boyd and Kate CrawfordCritical questions for Big Data Information, Communication & Society, 15(5), 662679.To make statistical claims about a data set, we need to know where data is coming from; it is similarly important to know and account for the weaknesses in that data.Data literacyIs 5-hour ENERGY Right for You? 5hourenergyshot, 2012-07-18

We asked over 3000 doctors to review 5-Hour Energy Over 73% who reviewed 5-Hour Energy said they would recommend a low-calorie energy supplement to their healthy patients who used energy supplements.Data literacyRegardless of the size of a data, it is subject to limitation and bias. Without those biases and limitations being understood and outlined, misinterpretation is the result.Data literacydanah boyd and Kate CrawfordCritical questions for Big Data Information, Communication & Society, 15(5), 662679.


Brian McFadden, The StripNew York Times, 2012-09-09misinterpretation

Digital Literacy Definition and ResourcesUniversity Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNext steps?

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