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Kindergarten yahoo Breakfast Presentation 2014-2015


  • 1. ClyattvilleClyattville ElementaryElementary Title I EventTitle I Event Kindergarten Yahoo Breakfast!

2. Introduction Parents, Welcome to our Kindergarten Yahoo Breakfast!! 3. Mrs. Chavarria Mrs. Bush Mrs. Nichols Ms. Haynes Mrs. Greene 4. Title 1 Signed Compact Student agrees too. Teacher agrees too. Parent agrees too.. Together we help the child be successful!!!! 5. Topics we will discuss: Expectations Attendance Lunch Number/ Ice cream $ Transportation Changes First Nine Weeks Standards Word Lists/ Sight Words Homework Folders Rules/Discipline Journal Writing GKIDS Report Card Explained Questions 6. BeginningBeginning Expectations:Expectations: Write name using a capital letter only at the beginning Recognize name and letters in name Recognize 8 Basic Colors Recognize 6 Basic Shapes Count From 1-10 Listen attentively to a story Recognize some letters of alphabet Know the difference between a letter and a number 7. Attendance Kindergarten is Important Days absent are recorded as well as early check-out/tardies 3 days to turn in excuse (Dr. notes when possible) County office sends home truancy letters for excessive absences 8. Lunch Learn 5 digit lunch number for Breakfast and Lunch Ice Cream for Sale .$.75 Rules in Cafeteria (name tags) 9. Transportation Changes Please Notify the teacher in Writing if your child will go home a different way. Learn Bus Number May need Car Number# Up to Date address and Phone # 10. Report Cards Report Cards Weekly Academic Reports Daily Behavior Folder Report cards go home every 9 weeks. We will send home weekly academic reports. Behavior/Homework Folders Daily Newsletters 11. Fluency The ability to read quickly and accurately. Kindergarten students are asked to read the: Letters of the Alphabet, Sight Words, Numbers, and Dot Cards with fluency 12. Dot Card Examples 13. Homework Mon-Thur Behavior Reported Daily Sign Each Night and Return Important Notes Word Lists 14. 3R Rules 1. I can be Respectful. (smile, be kind, and talk nicely to others) 2. I can be Responsible. (walk in the building, keep hands and feet to myself, and be a good role model) 3. I can be Ready to Learn. (listen and follow directions, sit quietly, raise my hand to speak, and always do my BEST) 15. 1st Offense- Warning 2nd Offense- Student moves to yellow 3rd Offense- Student moves to red 4th Offense- send to office Zero Tolerance- child goes directly to the office 16. Journal Writing in Kindergarten 17. What is expected in a Good Journal? Beginning of the year: Copy the Date First name Appropriate picture Attempted words/sentences 18. What is expected in a Good Journal? Date First and Last Name Two Sentences (Phonetically spelled words) Punctuation Appropriate Picture Capital Letters at beginning After Christmas: 19. Phonetically Spelled Words or Invented Spelling Dear Parents, Sumtimz the way werds sound is not the wa thay luk. Young readers and writers ned to fokus on the mesaj and wil spel wrds uzing the soundz thay her. Az thay becum aware of convenshun spelling you wil begin to see the chanj. When children create their own spellings for words they do not know how to spell correctly theyre using invented spelling. They use what they know about letters, sounds and spelling patterns to spell the word as well as they can. This is age appropriate for kindergarteners. 20. Samples of Student Work: 21. A u g u s t *Picture *Teacher Dictation 22. S E P T E M B E R *Letters 23. S E P T E M B E R *WORDS 24. O C T O B E R *SENTENCE 25. D e c e m b e r *More Sentences 26. A p r i l *Different Types of Sentences 27. GKIDS= Report Card Sent end of each 9 weeks NA=Not Yet Assessed ND=Not Demonstrated EM=Emerging PR=Progressing MS=Meets Standard EX=Exceeds AC=Area of Concern DE=Developing CD=Consistently Demonstrating 28. Upcoming Dates:Upcoming Dates: August 22nd : Popcorn Sale ($1) Sept 1st : Labor Day, NO SCHOOL Sept. 9th : Parent Involvement Team Meeting (PIT) at 3:15 Sept. 11th - Kindergarten 9-11, Memorial Service @ 10:00am Sept. 25th : Popcorn Sale Oct. 8th- End of 9 weeks Oct. 23rd-24th- Fall Break (Mon &Tue) 29. Questions? 30. THANK YOU for Coming!!!!!! Dont forget to visit our websites for further information.