Kumon parent orientation

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Kumon of OFallon, IL parent orientation

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picking up a book for the sheer pleasure of it…

tackling tough problems without help or hesitation…

Imagine all that your child is capable of… and let your child discover it with Kumon.

succeeding on his or her own and striving to achieve more

Page 3: Kumon parent orientation

With Kumon children discover their ability to flourish throughout school and beyond — to realize their full potential and their greatest aspirations.

Confidence and self-esteem Focus and self-discipline Self-reliance to succeed independently

A love of learning

Motivation to pursue challenging and advanced work

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Page 5: Kumon parent orientation

Falling behind at school

Craving greater challenges

Lacking discipline and motivation

Aiming to excel throughout school

Struggling with learning difficulties

Ready for advanced study

Page 6: Kumon parent orientation

Sequential assignments, or Worksheets, advance material “seamlessly.”

That means your child:

Can figure things out without being taught or tutored

Discovers his or her own ability to tackle learning challenges

Is empowered to succeed from the outset

Page 7: Kumon parent orientation

Precisely calibrating the level and tempo of work to his or her ability

Constantly monitoring and fine-tuning progress

Grading work done at the Center and giving feedback for correcting errors

Helping to set and meet challenging yet realistic goals

Page 8: Kumon parent orientation

Goes from counting to calculus and beyond

Instills strong computation skills at every level

Makes all math subjects easier and less intimidating

Prepares your child for the rigors of high school algebra

Paves the way for advanced study

Page 9: Kumon parent orientation

Goes from sounding out words to critiquing complex passages

Instills strong comprehension skills at every level

Develops vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills

Nurtures your child’s ability to reason critically

Paves the way for advanced study

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Page 11: Kumon parent orientation

I succeed without struggling to build my confidence

I begin at a level before any learning gaps have crept in

I build on and build up a secure foundation at every level

Page 12: Kumon parent orientation

I’m propelled by my own ability and initiative I’m stimulated and challenged, not overwhelmed I’m never forced ahead or held back

Page 13: Kumon parent orientation

I learn by doing and advance through my own efforts

I'm succeeding a bit more with every little step I’m spurred on by even modest progress

I take as little or as much time as I need each step of the way

Page 14: Kumon parent orientation

I apply concepts until they’re second nature I must get answers right in a given period of time I may need to repeat material to make sure

I've got it I master and retain essential skills

Page 15: Kumon parent orientation

I earn success after success on my own I’m always driven to seek out the next challenge I gain self-reliance and ownership of what

I’ve learned

Page 16: Kumon parent orientation

I come in twice a week and work at home all other days

I complete assignments in about 30 minutes I exercise my brain and build lifelong study habits

Page 17: Kumon parent orientation

Staying in sync with the aims and goals of Kumon study

Showing and sharing your commitment to the program

Working with the Instructor to ensure optimal progress

Establishing a good environment and routine for work at home

Praising and encouraging your child regularly

Page 18: Kumon parent orientation

Benefits are continually built up and reinforced

There's virtually no limit to how far your child can go

Kumon aims to take every child through the entire curriculum

Program completion is the ultimate reward for Kumon students

Page 19: Kumon parent orientation

Every day, children at Kumon Centers in more than 45 countries worldwide are accomplishing more than they ever thought possible.

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