Language Learning Apps - How To Learn A Language Fast and Easy

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  • 1 DUOLINGOAn award winning, simple yet highly effective app for anyone who islooking to learn another language. It is free, and you would be surprisedto know that 34 hours of Duolingo is equal to one whole universitysemester of 11 weeks. Learning process would be fun and enjoyable as itis gamified to make you remember things easily. Its no question thatthis hits the first in our language learning apps countdown.

    Helps to read, write, listen and speakGamified learning process. Simple and interestingTime tracking and usage monitoringNo setup feesAvailable for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


  • 2 MEMRISEMemrise uses a pretty interesting science to make you understand alanguage using your own personal learning style. Plus, similar toDuolingo, Memrise has turned learning facts into a game where you cangrow vivid images to memorize. As the name implies, Memrise wants youto memorize, interact and learn another language, faster and enjoyably.Availability of over 200 languages to choose and learn fromAdapts to the users personal learning style and performance

    Can create flashcards for easy memorizingAdded tools for teachers for course creation and team managementAnyone can create coursesNo setup feesAvailable for iOS, and Android VISIT


  • 3 BABBELBabbel is one of the most advanced language learning tools that youcan get your hands on. It is built with a team of professional linguists,educators and authors. Babbel offers varied learning methodologiesdepending on the chosen language. Full courses are not available free.But you can try the first lesson to see if Babbel is the best fit solutionfor you.

    Teaches 14 languagesSpeech recognition facility for an improved vocabulary practiceFree trial available. Prices starts at 12.95 US$/monthAvailability of online certificates for completed courses.Available for iOS, and Android


  • 4 ANKIAPPThis is a great tool which is not only for language learning, but also canbe used to learn almost anything that youre interested in. Supports awide range of devices to work with. AnkiApp provides pre-madeflashcards to learn languages, or you can create your own resourceswhile referring another source.

    Over 80 million pre-made flashcard decksMake flashcards with images, sound and textSynchronizes with the cloud for seamless access from anydevice/browser.Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle


  • 5 BUSUUOffering courses curated specifically by an in-house team of experts,Busuu offers 12 different language courses for reading, writing, listeningand speaking. Engaging learning process which is not fully automated,which will let you learn more than just following a scripted course.

    Large Social Network of 45 million global usersPersonalized feedback on exercisesAn international community of over 50 million native speakers topractice withAvailable for iOS, and Android


  • 6 BRAINSCAPE This is another study platform that lets you study on mobile or web.Brainscape offers fast learning using smart flashcards, accelerating thelearning process. It automatically adjusts the learning phase according toyour confidence level, which is called Spaced Repetition. Although theavailability is still limited to iOS and web, Brainscape is worth a check tolearn anything faster than youd imagine.

    A large collection of pre-made flashcards (You may also create your own)Collaborate with friends and classmates by sharing flashcards/subjectsTrack and monitor progress of shared subjectsAvailable for iOS


  • 7 LIVEMOCHAA project by Rosetta Stone, Livemocha believes that people can learn alanguage by considering the process as a performing art. Youd be havingaccess to 30+ languages and real interactions to practice speaking.Offers resources to learn 35 languages

    Access to real conversations with real people around the worldAccess to a large online community to interact withSupports mainly on speaking fluencyFree to start. But access to all content would be limited to either points(which has to be earned), or beans (which has to be bought)No mobile app (But theyre working on it)


  • 8 CATACADEMYA part of Memrise, arrives with an extraordinary way toteach you languages. Basically, you will be taught bycats! (Yeah, youheard it right). It might sound ridiculous, but it seems to be working!

    Brings an unusual, yet, fresh learning experiencePushes your memory to memorise things, with humorReminders to keep you interacting and learningFun learning process. (Especially if you are a cat person)Available on iOS and Android


  • 9 FLUENCIAAn image based learning platform that teaches you Spanish. Same asBrainscape, Fluencia also uses the Spaced Repetition Technology.Limited only to Spanish Language

    Image based learning process, along with step-by-step guidesFaster learning with SmartReview TechnologyEnglish based instructionsCloud based and syncs with your devices


  • 10 MOSALINGUALearn a wide range of languages on your smartphone, quickly andeffectively. MosaLingua offers language courses that can be learnt to speaka chosen language in a short time. Focuses mainly on day to dayconversational dialogues and adapts to your learning style for better andfaster results.

    Currently supports six languagesMotivation based vocabulary memorizationUses Spaced Repetition Technology.Monitors your progress andAvailable on iOS and Android