Linkedin workshop (June 2013)

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This session is delivered and designed by June Kay, Careers Development Consultant in the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre (Durham University), with the section covering publications and outputs designed and delivered by James Bisset, Academic Liaison Librarian (Research Support). Networking with LinkedIN (November 2013) slides. Delivered as part of the Durham University Researcher Development Programme. Further Training available at

Text of Linkedin workshop (June 2013)

  • 1. Networking & Job Search Through LinkedIn June Kay Postgraduate Careers Consultant James Bisset Researcher Support

2. Social Media -Why bother? Strong online presence highlights your credibility and current status to future employers and allows them to contact you Milkround Social Media 3. Motivation and the ability to network have far greater impact on research productivity than age, gender, job satisfaction, managerial support or teaching load. University College Dublin / Academic Profession in Europe: Responses to Societal 4. the world's largest professional network more than 100 million users not a social networking site like Facebook or Bebo used by professionals to network and get advice more than 45% students and graduates have a profile 5. Join now! 6. Initial Impression Professional Headline - Whats your one sentence story? Not PhD student Durham University or Research Associate Durham UniversityPhotograph professional appearance, head and shoulders shot 7. SummaryUse the summary area to demonstrate who you 8. Experience Keep your roles and responsibilities short and highlight key achievements or impactAsk for recommendations 9. Education As with your CV gives details relevant for the area of work you wish to 10. Courses Select from all courses attended through employment and education including doctoral training 11. Skills & ExpertiseDont be modest reflect on transferable skills as well as research specific and technical skills 12. Publications Over to James..[Slide 2] Via Flickr Creative Commons, by demonsub. Original available at 13. Publications and dissemination of your researchAdd sections for publications, slideshare presentations, blog posts 14. Publications and dissemination of your 15. Publications and dissemination of your 16. Publications and dissemination of your 17. Publications and dissemination of your 18. Publications and dissemination of your 19. Boost dissemination of your research by creating additional access 20. Share your publication experience directly with employers who wont necessarily have access to the published 21. If: 1) deposited in DRO or 2) deposited in another open access repository or 3) published open access in journal can link to full text directly from LinkedIN profile 22. Groups Join up to 50 23. GroupsSearch by key word e.g. ActuarialAsk to join Look at membership list Follow and participate in discussionsAsk for / give advice and 24. Groups Search box change to groups Pick a topic related to career interests Browse the results Pick a group See members you are linked to 25. For example- AGCAS Research Staff 62 Members 7 Members not 1st or 2nd connection Click on their profile-Shows how you are linked Can ask to connect Can invite to connect or send a message Discussions start or join Jobs 26. Durham Alumni Over 13,000 Members 20 sub-groups Each of colleges Some departments e.g. Earth Sciences Beijing Alumni Suggest a sub-group / start a 27. You try Top right hand corner Search box change to groups Pick a topic related to your research or career interests Browse the results Pick a group See member you are linked to 28. Companies Change search criteria to companies Find companies by sector and location Research a company for networking / application / interview preparation Overview / Careers / Insights Company updates / Follow See how many connections your network includes People also viewed / employees connections 29. 30. Company You try..ideas Accenture BBC Television Cadbury Barnardos Own ideas?? 31. People Individuals you have met e.g. at conference People you have heard of e.g. whose research you have read School / university / previous work colleagues Search using people E.g. Iain Cameron, Head of Research Careers @Research Councils 32. You can then ask your connections to introduce 33. Who do you want to find???Image Courtesy of 34. Search for jobs by keyword e.g. research associate & United 35. Top Tips Specialities these are key words linked together which help people find you via the search tool Join career focused groups of companies List your on-line portfolio, twitter feed and blog on your profile Build up your network on-line through a planned approach Milkround Social Media 36. What are you waiting for??Image Courtesy of