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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Firstly I have added both images I may potentially use into one document. Then I have created a new layer for the background. </p> <p>Next I have filled in the background layer for the base of my magazine cover. This was completed by using the bucket tool to fill the whole area in the same colour. </p> <p>I have started to add in the title by choosing the font that I previously decided to use. This was DFKai-SB. </p> <p>I have used the transform tools to change the width and height of the title. I have stretched it out so it fits the area that I wanted it to. </p> <p>Next I have added in the Film part of the title. I have used the tools on Photoshop to turn it around so it fits my design. </p> <p>I have now added in the magazine website. I have placed this just below the magazine title on the left hand side as placed on my design. </p> <p>I have added in the date, price and issue number of the magazine. This was completed by using the text tool in Photoshop. </p> <p>Next I have added in the Exclusive Interview text on the left had side of the magazine cover. </p> <p>I have now added in extra information on the left hand side which is conventionally found on a magazine cover. However, I may change the text in it. This is so it is more suited to the intended magazine genre. </p> <p>Next I have added in the circle where I will add extra information. This was completed by using the circle shape tool in the tools bar. </p> <p>Next I have added text into the circle. I have used this convention as it is eye catching and stands out from the other items on the magazine ccver. </p> <p>Then I added in the Plus text on the left hand side to provide extra information relating to the film. </p> <p>I have now inserted in the image as a new layer. I have also removed the image background so the pale magazine cover background is visible. I have created a barcode by using the rectangle tool and lines tool. </p> <p>I have changed the colour of the rectangle to white by using the colour fill bucket. I have then used the lines tool to add in the black lines.</p> <p>I then added in the numbers onto the barcode. This was the last part that I had to complete to create my first magazine cover draft. </p>