Mark arakaki synthesis for mobile learning

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Final Project


  • 1. Mark Arakaki Synthesis for Mobile learning iTec-299
  • 2. iTec-299 Describe your personal learning preferences (1 paragraph, 100-150 words): When I first took the test, I was 4 ACT, 1 SEN, 9 VIS, 4 GLO. I took it again and got different results for SEQ and GLO. The problem is that it is difficult for me to really choose a side especially on a survey, because I do pay attention to details, but it is easier for me to look at the overall picture. I am very visual, but I do value verbal information very much. It is tough to say that my learning preferences have changed because I am a person who is a big believer in balance, so I do not think my views have changed very much ultimately. Learning preferences give me an idea of how I learn, but not a concrete definition.
  • 3. iTec-299 Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of the class (1 paragraph, 100-200 words): I chose to be a Learning Sage because I wanted to expand my knowledge of technology, which I thought I knew a lot about, but learned that there was a lot more out there offered to me than I thought. My learning pathway remained the same because even after this class, I want to even further broaden my knowledge of mobile technology because I feel that mobile devices are advancing everyday, which means our knowledge should be advancing and expanding as well.
  • 4. iTec-299 Describe how the activities you completed contributed or did not contribute to your learning pathway (1 paragraph, 100-200 words): The idea of social bookmarking did not really appeal to me. The only problem was that I overlooked social bookmarking on every quest except the social bookmarking one itself. I was not aware that we were supposed to use it, so when I was told that it was part of our grade and I attempted to use it, it was not very helpful to me. I believe that if I had used it a little more to help myself learn about other quests it would have contributed more, but even when I did the individual question it did not really contribute to how I was fixed on learning.
  • 5. 3 Paragraphs for mobile tech Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3 mobiletechnologies you explored for learning (3 paragraphs, 100-150 words each): I used the iPod quest to help me study for my bio and physics test. It was very helpful because I had learned that I could use an application on my phone to create flashcards instead of going through all of the hassle and manually making them on actual flashcards, which I might add I did not have at the time. When I went to the forum I asked if there was an app for it and when I googled it I came with good results and it really helped me in studying because my grade had gone up compared to me just reading off of the notes I took in class.
  • 6. Paragraph 2 the iPad quest helped me interact with others more than any other quest. I borrowed my friends iPad for this quest because I was trying to implement my learnings in the quest to actually do some work. I had come across an easy way to connect with people using the iPads. The interact application helped a lot even though we kind of fiddled around with it a lot instead of being super productive, but it was very interesting to learn about for my learning preferences especially because it was very visual, which I am a more visual learner. The visual aspect helped me because it was everyone being able to interact through drawings or big text on the screen, which the size of text oddly helps me pay closer attention as opposed to smaller text.
  • 7. Paragraph 3 Microblogs also gave me a better idea of how to use online time better outside of the whole social network purpose. Because it gave me specific information that I was looking for instead of all the fluff I paid a lot more attention to the whole post and tried to squeeze a lot more out of the shorter writing. It helped my learning preference as a global learner, which I just retook the survey because it gave a direct overall idea of information, which I tend to get impatient going through every step.
  • 8. iTec-299 Synthesize your experience investigating your use of different mobile technologies for learning (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words each) The iPod was the most helpful to me as a learning tool because it was the most accessible for me because I am out and about a lot, but most of the time I would have my iPod with me, which allowed me to be somewhat productive while waiting for public transportation or at times when nothing much was really happening. While having free time I was able to create flashcards. One technology that was not that effective was the podcasts, just because they felt in a way a class lecture that tried to give me information that I was not totally asking for. I stopped using them once they started to seem less and less helpful. I know for a fact that iPods will keep evolving and that new ways to learn will be made everyday so I will further my investigation of learning about iPods.
  • 9. Paragraph 2 The iPod worked best for me because of its visual aspect. The flashcards really benefited me in my studying instead of hearing a lot of rushed lectures, or reading small text through a piece of paper. Also it made learning more active with having to shuffle and remember definitions to the card instead of having to sit there passively and read over a piece of paper, close my eyes and try to remember the definition of it. These are the kind of reasons I decided that this class would be good for me so I could study a more efficient way and enjoy it more.
  • 10. iTec-299 Describe how you will use what you learned in this class after this semester (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words): I will keep on using the active and visual approach to studying because I like to learn with hands on experience opposed to textbook and readings. I think Id take microblogging, and iPod tech from this class and continue to use it for my academic benefit. IPods are pretty useful even at jobs, like when having to learn a menu, which we are required to do at a restaurant and the recipes for them it would help to have an easier way to study than to just read the menu top to bottom. Or even buy an iPad or a tablet of my own so that I can explore more of the options given to us.
  • 11. Paragraph 2 As I stated before I would take microblogging and iPod away from this class and continue to use them in other classes to learn more about that specific subject. I actually do not yet have a twitter, so I might create one for non learning purposes due to the easy and quick writing. It might be a good way for me to expand my social network and learn more about others statuses in terms of business, and even in terms of social status. I probably wont use the Podcasts against because they did not really appeal to me as a learner or even a non-learner.
  • 12. End