Music In Our Schools Month Involves Teachers and Students

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Although John Eckstine now works for Citibank as a credit analyst, he has an impressive background in teaching music to high school students. John Eckstine's accomplishments in music education include numerous concerts, parades, and competitions. Eckstine has also been involved in professional organizations such as the National Association for Music Educators (NafME), formerly the Music Educators National Conference.


  • 1. Although John Eckstine now works forCitibank as a credit analyst, he has animpressive background in teaching musicto high school students. John Eckstine'saccomplishments in music educationinclude numerous concerts, parades, andcompetitions. Eckstine has also beeninvolved in professional organizations suchas the National Association for MusicEducators (NafME), formerly the MusicEducators National Conference.

2. NAfME advocates for music education in itsMusic In Our Schools Month (MIOSM)program. Beginning as a single-day,statewide celebration of music in New Yorkschools in 1973, MIOSM expanded over theyears to a week and then to its currentlength in 1985. March also became theofficial month at that time. The goals of theprogram are to communicate theimportance of music to all children and topromote the availability of music teachingto all students. 3. NAfME members pursue these objectives byarranging for children's performances inschools, libraries, classrooms, and other venues.They also seek the support of parents,community groups, and administrators.One important aspect of the program is theConcert for Music In Our Schools Month, aseries of classroom events, concerts, and sing-alongs,all using the same collection of songs.Participants are encouraged to post videos ofthese events; the group drawing the mostviews wins a prize.


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