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2003 NASBLA Futures Form presentation


  • National Boating Issues- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,Division of Federal Assistance Perspectives
  • Wallop-Breaux Reauthorization Three main strategies being brought forward by American League of Anglers and Boaters a) Extension of existing TEA-21 Highway Bill b) ALAB Consensus Position c) Recapture of fuels taxes
  • Sport Fish Restoration Account Funding Sources ($ Millions) Sonar Interest $35 $2Import Duties $37Fishing $221 Motorboat FuelsEquipment $101 $69 Small Engine Fuels
  • Federal Assistance Sport Fish Restoration Program Excise Tax Coastalfishing equipment Sport Fish Wetlands Restoration Act (18%) Excise Tax Account Outreachtrolling motors $5-$10M & flashers Aquatic Coast Guard Boating 5yr Interest Resources Safety $64M/yr (permanent) $9M MAX Aquatic Trust Trust for Admin Fund Fund Clean Vessel Act Pumpout grants FYImport Duties 1999 to 2003tackle, pleasure $10 million/yr boats, yachts Fuels Tax Boating Infrastructure Highway Trust Grants $8M/yearFund motor boat & FY 2000-2003 FY 2002 Statesmall engine fuels Apportionments $294.3M)
  • Aquatic Resources Trust Fund (ALAB proposal) Excise Tax Sport Fish Restoration fishing equipment 55.3% (includes boating access) Excise Tax trolling motors & flashers Coastal Wetlands Act -- 18% Interest Aquatic Boating Safety--18% Safety--18% Aquatic Trust Resources Fund Clean Vessel Act Import Duties Trust Fund Pumpout grants $$$$ 1.9% tackle, pleasure boats, yachts Outreach -- 1.9%Fuels Tax Highway Trust Fund motor Boating Infrastructure --1.9% --1.9%boat & small engine fuels Multi-state grants -- 0.9% Unappropriated Administration (includes dedicated Trust Fund accounts) -- 2.1%
  • Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Tier-2 Awards California$3,000,000.00 Florida Illinois$2,500,000.00 Iowa Louisiana$2,000,000.00 Maine$1,500,000.00 Mississippi New Jersey$1,000,000.00 New York Ohio $500,000.00 Oregon $0.00 South Carolina Virginia Washington
  • Boating Infrastructure Grant Program Initial authorization expires at the end of Fiscal Year 2003. Initial Fiscal Years 2000, 2001 projects being completed or unobligated funds being recovered. Tier-2 funds are some of the Services most sought after grants. FWS received 60 proposals from 21 States requesting $28.7 million of funds from Tier-2 portion of BIG program in Fiscal Year 2003.
  • Clean Vessel Act Program Authorization expires at the end of Fiscal Year 2003. Proposal request exceed funds available. ALAB consensus position proposes to remove the coastal project scoring preference. FWS is working to update regulations and prepare a draft Service Manual to provide additional program guidance.
  • Program Funding Requests250000002000000015000000 Proposed Granted100000005000000 0 1994 1995 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
  • Regional Boating Access Allocations Status Joint Task Force on Federal Assistance Policy may consider the issue of motorized boat issue associated with Sport Fish Restoration funds. Some FWS regions are noticing increased amounts of unobligated boating access funds at the regional level.
  • Number of Numbered Boats (Millions)141210 8 6 4 2 0 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000