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Observation Lab

Observation LabBy Brandon zellAsu tem 431

WalmartStore does not draw me in at all, automatic doors open and close in front of the store, carts are old and you need to test them before you pick one. Outside of store smells like mildew from old plants on sale by front door. Isles are extremely crowded. Lots of isles are used for storage of merchandise. Boxes and pallets are crowded everywhere which makes it extremely difficult to navigate the isles. No music playing in the store just static loud PA annoucementsLots of things do not make sense in this store. For one in the upper right corner of this slide you will see a picture of storage containers. You are not able to buy any of these since removing one would result in the collapse of the others.


Lowes is one of my favorite hardware stores. Parking is very convenient with stalls even facing the front doors for easy access in and out of the store. The employees are always proactive about finding you and asking if you need help.The music in the store is always upbeat and uplifting which puts you in a very good mood, and encourages you to stay.It is cool inside and the temperature is never and issue.One of my biggest pet peeves is when stores allow outside sales people in to sell their product. I cannot stand to be asked by random people every isle that I go on if I would like to buy solar panels for my home. Lowes restricts these people to only their station thats setup in front of the store. The products are very organized and easy to find on your own via maps and signs.


Michaels is the go to craft store in my area. The store is very clean, easy to get to and always welcoming. The background music was soft and relaxing. The store smelled very good with all of the various fake flowers and scents that they offer, at times it can be a little over powering.I could not really find anything negative about the visit to this store. Everything was well labeled and organizedStaff members were easy to spot with their red aprons. There were many display setups showcasing products that were all 70% off. Customers are very tactile with the products, and can be seen browsing and reading into products.


Tillys is a fashionable clothing store that specializes in clothing for teens and young adults. I was welcomed into the store almost immediately and asked if I needed help finding anything, I said no thanks and the employee then said okay if you need anything my name is Jack. Customers are encouraged to try on clothes and employees will even take them from you and put them by a fitting room for you, they also write your name on the mirror outside the room with a neon whiteboard marker.Very upbeat music is played, often louder than other stores. It puts you in a very good mood to shop. The store is very clean, organized, all clothes are folded, and makes me feel comfortable to shop.

Payless Store was very clean displaying their newest products on a display as you walk into the store. The front door was open and very welcoming which even had balloons on it. The store employee was also welcoming and asked us if we were looking for any particular type or color. Store was organized, there were not clutter or other shoes blocking the isles, it was well kept up. There was no music playing which was a little awkward.While checking out the clerk notified us of other items on sale and the history of the product that we were purchasing, saying how good of a choice it was.

Sams clubUpon entering the store the welcomer that is supposed to check your membership was preoccupied speaking with a customer and did not even acknowledge us. There were a lot of free samples being offered, even a new vending machine that dispenses samples when you scan your membership card.Some displays needed attention and were empty or still contained pallet material on top of the products.

Total wine and moreThis store is brand new and you can tell it is in amazing condition. All of the floors are hard woodProducts are a little hard to find, since the store offers so many choices. There are tons of options to select while you are waiting to checkout. Which is a good way to waste your time, since the lines were very long.They gave out free samples of beer and wine to those over 21 years of age.