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  • 1. Welcome to Open House at Sheffield Elementary Mrs. Schermann and Ms. Snyders 5 thGrade Classes

2. Topics to Cover

  • * Attendance
  • * Ready to Learn?
  • * Behavior Expectations
  • * Agendas/ Planners
  • * Homework Policy
  • * Grading
  • * Reading/Writing Curriculum
  • * Math/ Science/and
  • Health Curriculum
  • * Progress Reports
  • * Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • * Important Dates
  • * Contact Information

3. Attendance

  • Students are expected to be in school on time everyday.
  • The school day begins at 8:25 am and ends at 2:50 pm.
  • Students who are late to school or picked up early miss valuable instruction time and class discussion.
  • Students with numerous tardies or early outs will be referred to the attendance clerk.

4. Is your Child Ready to Learn?

  • In order to be successful, students must
  • be prepared with the following items on
  • a daily basis:
  • A good nights rest
  • Homework that has been completed and checked by anadult
  • Agenda that has been signed
  • Book bag that has been checked for important papers
  • A days supply of paper and pencils
  • Lunch box or money in their account
  • Mode of afternoon transportation

5. Agendas/Planners

  • * Agendas will serve as primary source of communication between parents and teachers.
  • * Students are responsible for transporting the agenda between home and schooleveryday .
  • * Teachers will check agendas at the end of the day to make sure students have recorded daily homework assignments and upcoming tests.
  • * Teachers will record daily conduct grades.
  • * Parents are encouraged to sign the agendadaily .
  • *If a teacher writes a note to the parent, the agenda must be signed so that we know the note was read.

6. Homework Policy

  • Homework is assigned Monday thru Thursday. (Students may receive weekend practice assignments during our intensive FCAT preparation month.)
  • Homework is calculated into each childs grade for each marking period.
  • All homework is due the next day unless otherwise noted.If a student is absent, homework is due when he/she returns.
  • Ms. Snyders homework will be assigned on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Mrs. Schermanns homework will be assigned on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Some days students will have both subjects due to the pace of the class.

7. Grading

  • Grades are based on the accumulation of points.
  • Points are based on:
    • Class participation(effort)
    • Completion of assignments
    • (daily work)
    • Major projects, Tests, and
    • Journals
  • Grades are posted online and updated regularly.
  • Our Grading Scale
    • 90-100%= A
    • 80-89%= B
    • 70-79%= C
    • 60-69%= D
    • Below 60%= F
  • Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage and are rounded up whenever possible.

8. Reading Curriculum

    • Fifth grade students are required to read 375 pages a month from a leveled text. This is the equivalent to 3 books. The countys goal is a minimum of 25 books for a child in fifth grade. Leveled books are able to be checked out from the classroom library on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week. Rubric on Ms. Snyders website.
    • Weekly Reading List-Students have this stapled in their agenda each week to document any reading done outside of the classroom. Logs are collected on Mondays and have to be signed by a parent verifying that the child has indeed read this material.
    • Monthly Book Log-Students are given a Book Log. Books must be completed before they can be logged in. Book Log checks are donegenerally on the 28 thof each month*. Each month a response is due on one of the books that is logged in for that month.
    • Vocabularytests are givenevery other Friday.The alternate Fridays will beSpellingTests. Activities are given on the first day of the week for Vocabulary. Please ask your students for the sheet that includes the activities that you can do with your kids! Also, please check the Spelling List that comes home on Mondays to ensure that the words were written correctly.

9. Math Curriculum

  • FCAT - Fifth grade students will take the Math FCAT in March.In preparation for the test, students will receive homework in all benchmark areas.(This may include weekend homework as needed.)In 5 thgrade,the test consists of short responses.To help your child prepare for the test, ask them to explain their answer and make them defend their choice.
  • FCAT Explorer-This site provides practice problems as well as a tutorial in each of the five benchmark areas.
  • Math Superstars- Superstars will be distributed on Mondays and will be collected on Fridays.Math Superstars are a part of the students homework. This is not mandatory but I strongly encourage all of the students to participate.

10. Science Curriculum

  • FCAT - In fifth grade, students will also take the Science FCAT. Students are expected to be able to read and comprehend the Science material.In preparation, students will be learning new vocabulary with every unit.They will be expected to define and explain the vocabulary on the chapter tests.
  • Science Fair-Fifth graders arerequiredto complete a Science project.Projects will be gradedbased on a given set of criteria.Students must be able to demonstrate and/or explain their projects to the class.This is where the majority of their points will come from.They will complete projects periodically in class, so that they are familiar with the components and expectations of what makes a good project.
  • A detailed packet of information will be sent home when date is decided upon for this years Science Fair.

11. Health Curriculum

  • This year there will be a letter grade on the report card for the district mandated Elementary Health Curriculum.
  • We are expected to touch on a few topics that will require a parent signature on a letter of consent. If the letter is not signed, your child will join Ms. Snyders class while the lesson is taught.
  • Please feel free to stop in to look through the health book to see exactly what the curriculum entails.

12. County Approved Websites

  • Students have been assignedusernamesandpasswordsfor the following websites.
    • Students arerequiredto complete all tests in
    • each core subject area. Updates will be sent home periodically to advise you of your students progress.
    • Students will also be working on Destination Success this year.

13. Progress Reports

  • Official progress reports will be found online at the oncourse parent portal during the 5 thand 7 thweek of each marking period.
  • However, if your child is not meeting the required expectations, you will be contacted immediately.
  • Please return all D or F student work the following school day. All D or F papers will serve as a scholarship warning andrequire a parent signature.

14. Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • Conferences are heldbeforeorafterschool with a 24 hour notice. Please avoid conference requests for Monday mornings and Friday afternoons.
  • Drop-in conferences are not an effective method of communicating with your childs teachers.
  • Conferences can be scheduled by phone, email or by writing a note in your childs agenda.

15. Important Dates

  • Please check our class websites for upcoming dates.
  • Websitesare located via Oncourse Grading Systems.
  • There is a link connected to all of the teachers websites

16. Contact Information

  • Mrs. Schermann
  • Math/Science/Health
  • Homeroom 307
  • 696-8758 x168
  • [email_address]

Ms. SnyderReading/ Social Studies/ Language Arts Homeroom 306 696-8758 x167 [email_address] 17. Wish List

  • Thank you to all of the parents who so generously brought in supplies from the wish list.
  • Hats off to all of our copy parents and volunteers this year.
  • If you are able to provide any of the following for your childs homeroom teacher, it would be greatly appreciated:
    • Clorox Bleach-Free Wipes
    • Lysol Room Deodorizer
    • Glade Plu