Performing arts science and humanities jan 2015

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Performing Arts, Science and Humanities

Performing Arts, Science and HumanitiesStarters and EndingsJanuary 2015Welcome to Engaging Starters

Setting the SceneRecognise the advantages of Setting the Scene in contextIdentify at least one starter to try in your sessions next weekConsider the barriers to effective endings to your sessions

Setting the SceneMusical Set List

Acts in a ProgrammeChapters of a BookStages of an ExperimentChronology of the SessionRunning OrderEnthusiastic Starts

Brain MusicImage of the Week/MonthWebsite of the Week/MonthBook of the MonthVideo of the WeekEmployer of the WeekEnthusiastic Starts

Quote of the WeekKey StatisticKey PersonKey DateKey Discovery / InventionKey HypothesisEnthusiastic Starts

2 Minute DebateKey EventMaths ChallengeWhat would you do?Key ConceptEnglish TeaserMusical Quotes




Book or Play of the Week


Author of the Week

Mental Maths Challenge9 x 9 + 19 35 / 5 x 11 + 1 / 8 / 2 x 12 =

97 + 35 x 5/12 + 9 x 5/16 x itself x 3/10 8 x 6/7 x 50% =

85 2 28 x 16/19 x 23/4 x 662/3 x 871/2 + 7 x 15/12 + 6 x 28 =TV AdvertPaul can you put link inSharing Starters

Sharing Starters

Sharing Starters

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