Phrasal Verbs with "Keep" Keep after; Keep ahead of; Keep away.

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<ul><li><p>Phrasal Verbs with KeepKeep after; Keep ahead of; Keep awayCompiled &amp; Voiced byNageswar Rao. A English Teacher</p></li><li><p>Keep after - to continuously urge somebody to do something or not abandon the chase. The police kept after the culprits till they trapped them. Dont keep after your subordinates or they will all resign.</p><p>Keep ahead of not lose ones position in front of others. If you want to get success, you should always keep ahead of your competitors. Arun always keeps himself ahead of others.</p><p>Keep away not go near; prevent somebody from going near; abstain. Always keep away from live electric wires. You should keep away from stray dogs. You should keep away from alcohol.</p></li><li><p>Visit us at ayalasomayajula nageswar raoFor More videos on Functional &amp; Usage Grammar.Subscribe to our channel on You Tube</p></li></ul>