PowerPoint 101: What NOT to Do!

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  • 1. What NOT to Do
  • 2. Some people have a tendency to put everysingle word they are going to say on theirslides to prevent the need to memorize theirspeech; while this may seem like a good wayto get your point across it will only lead tocrowded slides that will bore your audience tothe point where they are no longer listeningto you but in fact they are most likely justreading ahead and waiting for you to hurry upand read faster so they can be dismissed andget on with their daily lives that dont involvethe likes of you or your presentation.
  • 3. On not the stand out other so hand, try the to excessive keep use your bullets of at bullet a points minimum can to make prevent any it confusion so for your your key audience. messages Seriously. do
  • 4. Ofen times presenters do not proofread for grammer errors or pay attention to there spell chek witch can result in a lot of blaring mistaks that will distract your audience, exspecially your professor. Fer realZ.
  • 5. Avoid colorful or otherwise annoying backgrounds that will distract from what you are sayingEspecially if they involve cute and fluffy kitties- who can compete with that?
  • 6. Avoid bad color schemes, as they can lead to Confusion Headaches Nausea Vomiting And a general loss of will to do anything ever again.
  • 7. PLEASE!!!
  • 8. Just Dont Do It, OK?
  • 9. Yes, it is possible to add sound to your presentation, but it should only be used when absolutely necessary like when your audience falls asleep and you need to wake them up Or if you need to make up for the lack of applause by supplying your own.
  • 10. Avoid Excessive & Poorly OrganizedInformation 10 10 9 9Audience Function 8 8 8 7 Annoyed 5.5 Annoyed 6 5 Annoyed 4 3 Sleeping 4 Annoyed 2 2 2 2Annoyed 1 1 1 Thinking about 0 the weekend By By By By Confused the the the this 2nd 4th 7th slide Death by slide slide slide PowerPoint Seriously.
  • 11. A lot of fancy cursive fonts are hard to read on the screen Some fonts just dont fit in with the theme of your presentation.When Fonts are too bold they canbe blocky and hard to read at anysize ALL CAPS CAN SEEM LIKE YOU ARE YELLING!!! But the worst mistake you can make
  • 12. is to useComic Sans
  • 13. When to use Comic Sans By Jason Brubaker If on your death bed, you cant talk and the only way you can communicate is by texting your family with your final words, but all your other fonts have somehow vanished. If your natural handwriting looks exactly like it. If you are printing it on a dot matrix printer. From the 80s. In an email, when you need to break up with your designer girlfriend or boyfriend, but dont have the guts to just do it. If you are making a list called When to use Comic Sanswww.remindblog.com
  • 14. Issue: video/audio clips wont work Common reason: the file is not saved in the same folder as the PowerPoint presentation Solution: Always ensure you transfer the digital files along with your PPT file, especially onto a flash drive Issue: embedded videos wont play Common reason: incorrect embedding, embedding is disabled, or lack of internet connectivity Solution: Always test the functionality of your presentation before you present it; check with media services for help with embedding media
  • 15. Moderation 10/20 Rule Dont Forget- With great power comes great responsibility
  • 16. If you choose to use complete sentences, at least separate them with bullet points. To keep the audience focused on what you are talking about, subtly animate the phrases so that they come up as you are discussing them.
  • 17. Key Points> TV as a Mind-Numbing Medium Key Stats > 6% of lost remotes are found in fridge Quotes> Television is an instrument which can paralyze this country Gen. W.C. Westmoreland
  • 18. Television Today Future TelevisionsTV Circa 1250 B.C.
  • 19. New OrleansSuperdomeBefore HurricaneKatrina
  • 20. New OrleansSuperdomeDuring HurricaneKatrina
  • 21. New OrleansSuperdomeAfter Hurricane Katrina
  • 22. Presenting Cycles Give a mouse a cookie Glass of milk Milk Tape StrawCrayons Mirror Read a story Broom Nap
  • 23. Presenting Processes Work Hard Go to Graduateschool Make MONEY!
  • 24. Presenting Data Sales 9% 10% 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr23% 58% 4th Qtr
  • 25. Presenting Data6543 Series 12 Series 21 Series 30 Category Category Category Category 1 2 3 4
  • 26. Sample Text Sample Text Sample Text Sample Text
  • 27. Custom animation Combining multiple slide shows Download or embed videos from online Auto advancing & looping slide shows Converting presentation to a video