Preliminary Task- Brief evaluation

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  • 1. Evaluation
    • Brief evaluation of School based magazine

2. 3.

  • The brief I was given was to produce a school-based magazine.Before starting my planning I did research into various other school based magazines to find their conventions and running themes.I made PowerPoint presentations including my initial ideas and research and which I will embed into my blog to show what influenced my end result.
  • I chose to call my magazine Rumour has it as I think the connotations of this are that there is gossip and unseen articles inside which would be enticing and interesting to my target audience which is students of the school.The slogan Student voice of Titus Salt School gives the readers the feel of power as they feel like they have taken part in the magazines production andthey have played a part in the ideas inside the magazine as it would be a time when they could have their say and input.I decided to use a neutral colour which is neither girly nor boyish as then my target audience wouldnt be limited by gender, allowing it to be popular with all students.I also think that the purple colour gives the magazine a more sophisticated look as it fades from darker purple through to lilac and eventually white which makes the cover more unique and appealing to look at.


    • I used three female sixth form students who take English Literature at A-level to model for my front cover photograph to promote the incline in the amount of students choosing to study the course this year.I thought this would be a good idea as the story is relevant to school life and the shoot for the cover photograph would allow me to experiment with different angles and positioning within the school library.I also thought that the school library was a great place for the photo shoot to take place as it is the heart of the school as it is always busy with students and is full of books which ties in with the main cover story (the splash).


    • The photo I chose for the front on my magazine in explained in my Preliminary Task- Taking and analysing photos blog post.
    • The layout of my magazine follows the typical rule of thirds layout which gives it the look of a magazine.