Problem solving scenarios for technology teachers

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  • 1.Problem-solving scenarios

2. You have a large technologyproject planned. You would likestudents to do some of the workbeyond class, but several do nothave computers or Internet access. What do you do? 3. You have a student whom yoususpect plagiarized his rainforest essay off the Internet. What do you do? 4. You want to integrate technology into several classroom activities, but you have three students whoadamantly hate technology. Whatdo you do? 5. You have an Internet ScavengerHunt planned for your class, buttwo students are not permitted to use the Internet at parent request. What do you do? 6. You want to incorporate digital photography into yourclassroom, but only a handful of students own digital cameras.What do you do? 7. Your classroom computer doesntwork properly. Campus techsupport is backed up and cannot get to you for four weeks. Youneed your computer ASAP. What do you do? 8. You want your students to turn in their next essay digitally. How will you arrange for this? 9. You want to incorporate atechnology-based lesson in your class, but you have three ELD students who barely speak English. What do you do? 10. You assign a lengthy, detailed, 20- slide, 20-minute PowerPoint presentation to 30 students and you want them to present to the class. How do you manage this?