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Slovak crafts

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Slovakia has right to be proud of its cultural and artistic heritage.

All kinds of handicrafts heritage handed down and enriched from one generation to the next.

The most prestigious handicrafts of Slovakia are pottery, wood carving , honey craftsman, glass blowing, easter eggs..

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Pottery Wood Carving Honey

craftsman Glass blowing Easter Eggs

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Pottery was originally evenly spread on the whole area of Slovakia. It was marked by a variation in type and decoration. The oldest written document about pottery dates from the year 1416 and is from Pozdišovce. Very interesting pottery productions come from the Habans in western Slovakia and Modra (Majolica).

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Wood was the most available and widespread material. The basis for the technique of wood carving is to respect the character of the wood. Wood products – wood toys, dishes, plates, salt-cellars, candlestick and others -was suitable objects for using at household.

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Recipe for the honey cakesIngredients: 400 grams of flour, 170 grams of sugar, 50 grams of butter,3 spoons of honey, 2 eggs,2 spoons of rum,1 spoon of cocoa,1 spoon of spice for the honey

cakes (cinnamon, anise, clove)Instuctions: make a dough from

all the mentioned ingredients and leave it in a fridge for one hour, then bake formed cakes and spread the egg on them, you can decorate them with almonds or raisins.

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Originally, the pictures painted on glass was religious and secular

themes. Painting requires not only knowledge of the technique of painting on

glass, but also great artistic talent. Pictures of saints

protected their owners and they were given a dominant

place in the room.

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The tradition of decorating eggs at Easter time is still alive in Slovakia. The egg is a symbol of renewing life, spring, the sun, love... They illustrate the large variety of traditional ornaments. Easter eggs are one of the most untraditional products from current folk art production.

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