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Social Frontier™ | SXSW 2013 Models Preview Edition | Wendy Meadley | Social Anthropologist

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This is a highlight set of models from the Social Frontier Guide Book for Marketers What is the Social Frontier? You are on the Social Frontier. Imagine your organizational market planning needs as you enter a new market, maybe a new global territory. You typically do some research and acquire some intelligence before you actually arrive in market. Your initial effort is a small one with an initial or temporary feel. For our purposes, we have utilized a collection of camping metaphors to update the expedition concept into something that is familiar, as we have to pair it with much that is new or unfamiliar digital territory that is still to many marketing professionals and executives. We have defined the phases (Tent, Camper, Cabin) that we work through with our clients from concept to their “in market launch” timeline. While there are no absolutes, each of these phases, depending on the organization takes about 6 months to a year to “build” on their defined market “frontier”. Social Wendy Group We are today’s version of Digital Marketers in a boutique agency that has a deep specialty in Social Media augmenting our overall expertise in the Strategy, Technology, Operations and Engagement Planning needed for today’s Professional Marketer or Executive. We use our proprietary Interactive Compass and related models to help our clients understand the direction that their Digital Marketing efforts should take based on our extensive experience “on the Frontier”. A sample of clients we have taken to and navigated the social frontier with is Target, Microsoft, 3M, University of Minnesota and more… Want more information on what we do… Wendy Meadley A Social Anthropologist, Wendy Meadley (@SocialWendy) is the Agency Lead & Founder of the Social Wendy Group, an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Fortune 500 and midsized business digital and social strategy. Armed with her Executive MBA and years of digital experience, she is widely recognized as an innovative corporate social strategist and creative content developer for some of the world’s leading multinational organizations. She’s even had a Social Campaign approved at the White House. Her Digital Presence and Content begin at Her Social Presence is @SocialWendy

Text of Social Frontier™ | SXSW 2013 Models Preview Edition | Wendy Meadley | Social Anthropologist

  • 1.SXSW 2013 A New LandscapeThis is my favorite event of the year, SXSWi a true digital/interactive marketer includes the i at the end.This year there is a marked change in the digital consumerbehavior of the live attendees and the unique digital contentand online conversation that is being created to share thesession learnings and related SXSW experiences.The trends we are seeing are a focus on all things API tostreamline your digital presence delivery, a prioritization ofengagement and the user experience, and on thetechnologies that consumers are using to facilitate theirlives and connect with your brand.Since you cant know everything as it is all moving sorapidly, there is an increased importance in understandingyour target consumers and their technical, digital and socialbehaviors. And while today we may isolate those intoindividual categories, we will not be doing that for muchlonger as they continue to converge.So while it may seem like the landscape is becoming morecomplicated, your digital marketing strategy and goalsremain straightforward. That is, to create a uniqueproposition for your target consumer and engage with themin person and on line with relevant and engaging content toaccomplish your business and marketing objectives.What you will find enclosed is a snapshot of some of thedigital marketing models and tools we use with ourcorporate clients. While these are simplified, anWe created a Digital Content Creator Guide for this yearsexperienced marketer will see the synergies with what theirSXSWi event to support the creation of Unique Digital Content current expertise provides and a new way to organize your(UDC). In 2013, we believe Content Creation should be at thethoughts and planning around the digital and socialforefront of your Digital Strategy. marketing of your product or brand. Enjoy!Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved.1

2. Welcome to the Social FrontierIf this is your first time considering your Digital Presence as being on the Social Frontier, Welcome, we look forwardto exploring with you!Being on the Social Frontier is a way of thinking of the build of your digital presence in phases. In our world we callthem Tent, Camper and Cabin to align with a building on a piece of land metaphor. We find this works as it easilyaligns with how professional marketers need to think about building their comprehensive digital presence today, in aphased, collaborative, iterative approach.TentCamperCabin Create Prole Recommends Colleagues, Answers QuesLons Joins Groups Create Prole Audience Build/Circles Interact with Others Create Prole, Likes & Add Groups, Photos Add Places, AdverLsing Comments Create Prole Audience Build Retweet, Interact w/ Others Create Prole Regular Check-ins Add PromoLonal Presence/AcLviLes Create Prole, Add Video Add Topical Playlists Add TTD Strategy, Campaigns Create Prole, Add Pins Add Boards Add TTD Strategy, MarkeLng Strategy Create Pro Account Add Press Releases, Job Add TTD Strategy PosLngs Create Plus Account Add Channels | Groups Add MarkeLng Strategies Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved.2 3. Our interactive compassCopyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved.3 4. Interactive Compass | StrategYThe BeginningIf this is your first time consideringyour Digital Presence as being onthe Social Frontier Welcome, welook forward to exploring with you!Being on the Social Frontier is away of thinking of the build of yourdigital presence in phases, ofhelping your brand truly thinkdigitally.In our world we call these phasesTent, Camper and Cabin to alignwith a building on a piece of landmetaphor. We find this works as iteasily aligns with how professionalmarketers need to think aboutbuilding their comprehensive digitalpresence today, in a phased,collaborative, iterative approach.Phasing your digital and emergingsocial strategy in this way allowsyou to take one bite of the elephantat a time and to stay within yourbudget. It is a marathon, not asprint.4Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 5. Interactive Compass | TECHNOLOGYThe Right StuffYou want to be digital but whatis that really going to take? Morespecifically, what technologies(plural) do you need to get ahandle on? In 2013 what APIsand Platforms have to beaggregated and managed.Are you already familiar with themor do you need a primer on howthey work, how they interface withone another, and if they arecorporately approved platforms.These are just the beginning ofthe questions we will ask as youdelve into this section of thecompass.If you start with defining yourDigital Consumer is, and definingtheir Technology Persona, you willlikely be more successful in yourlong term planning which is thekey to this piece of the puzzle. Awrong move here is an expensiveone. Both the wrong path andcorrected path are expensive andlengthier adventures.5Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 6. Interactive Compass | OPERATIONSBehind the ScenesBusiness value, along with marketing/advertising performance, are corerequirements for most corporatedigital initiatives. There are also therequirements of documentation andmeasurement which vary somewhat,but are universal to defining thebusiness value of your digital initiative.As you can see in this compass slice,we have a full-range focus on theback of the house starting with yourbusiness goals and defining whatthe collaborative team to accomplishthose goals looks like. Finally, wetailor to a real-life plan by ensuringthat our staged approach matchesthe business budget.We know that scaling your objectiveswith the right strategy, team andfinancial plan are key to its successthis year and in the future. Digital andSocial Marketing disciplines are notgoing away so the integration of themin a planful way sets the right stage foran ongoing sustainable operation.6Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 7. Interactive Compass | ENGAGEMENTThe End GameThis is really why we are here isnt it?To get todays Digital Consumer toengage with our Unique Digital Content(UDC), to become loyal consumers ofour brands and to share that loyaltywith everyone they are willing to. Toincrease conversion of goals.Our job as marketers is to ensure thatwe have created the right venues,channels, platforms and experiencesthat are specific to their digital persona.When we get that right, growthhappens.Have you made the opportunity tounderstand and explore thecommunities that are important toyour digital personas? Do you knowwhat channels they truly engage onversus just view? Are you reviewingthis quarterly to ensure you have themost recent view of their evolvingdigital consumer behaviors?See our simplified planning models tobegin or hone your engagementstrategy and framework.7Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 8. DIGITAL CONSUMER BEHAVIOR | 2013Do you know who yours are? Digital Persona 2Core BehaviorsTechnology, Engagement, SocialDigital Persona 3 Core Behaviors Technology, Engagement, Social PRIMARY Digital Persona Core Behaviors Technology, Engagement, SocialCopyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved.8 9. DIGITAL MARKETING INTERSECTION | 2013The Convergence of Social, Content & Search Social SearchContentIn 2012, the Social Frontier continued to develop, we saw the value of the convergence of Social, Content and Search.As we all know the social frontier continues to shift as it matures. Weve gone from the early land-grab days to somebrands having truly integrated social strategies. Whether you are an industry leading consumer product, a professionalservice or a business focused on B2B, this simple model provides the framework for search-optimizing your socialmarketing efforts. Ensuring that each piece of Unique Digital Content (UDC) that your product is integrated into yoursocial conversation & engagement in addition to having the right social plumbing will augment your searchability todayand provide long-term search value to your initiatives.Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 9 10. UNIQUE DIGITAL CONTENT | 2013Topic Engagement Guide (Adapted Editorial Calendar)As experienced marketers we are all familiar with using an Editorial Calendar as a planning tool for our traditional anddigital marketing initiatives. When creating a Unique Digital Content Strategy, youre required to put an editorial calendaron steroids to accomplish real digital engagement with your brand or campaign. There is no build it and they will come.And, if you want to extend your marketing dollars, you will integrate a Social Search Optimization (SSO) strategy into thiscore compass component.Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved.10 11. Corporate SOCIAL CHANNEL SELECTION | 2013Generally prioritized for Corporate Social StrategyPrimary Engagement & Build EffortCore Conversation ChannelsCore Content ChannelsOur Agency Point of View (POV) is to Build your Owned Media Channels (OMC) starting with your long term business,marketing and communications goals at the forefront. Depending on what Phase you are in on the Social Frontier, Tent,Camper, or Cabin, you will adapt the priorities above to stage your Social Channels into four primary prioritizations: Build,Active, Campaign and Archive. Additionally, the distinction of primarily a Conversation or Content Channel helps youfurther hone your UDC Strategy.Copyright 2013 Social Wendy Group LLC, All Rights Reserved. 11 12. CORPORATE SOCIAL CONVERSATION MODELSocial Channel Conversation Post & Engagement ScheduleOnce you have defined your Social Channel Strategy from Marketing, Operations, and Engagement perspectives, youare ready to create your Social Conversation and Engagement Posts. This simplified view of an excel spreadsheetplanning tool provides you a handy planning guide to integrate your Unique Digital Content and Engagement Posts inyour Social C

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